Make Snapchat Videos Longer 2017

Make Snapchat Videos Longer

Hey Guys, This post will help you Make Snapchat Videos Longer. The idea is to create / make Snapchat Videos Longer without Jailbreak. Yes, you read it right, this trick will not ask you to Jailbreak your iPhone and then proceed to create longer duration Snapchat Videos.

Make Snapchat Videos Longer 2017
Make Snapchat Videos Longer

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Make Snapchat Videos Longer | No Jailbreak

As i just said, you do not have to Jailbreak your iPhone. The trick will work for all the iOS versions greater than iOS 7. But one thing is you need to install Tweak box on your iPhone.

To install tweakbox for your iOS, follow this link. The benefit of installing the tweakbox is that it does not void your iPhone warranty and will not affect any normal behavior.

Note – Tweakbox will also require Tutuapp installation for your iPhone. You can choose the free subscription and proceed. Don’t go for a paid version. Free one will solve your purpose.

After you install Tweakbox, you can proceed further.

Steps to Make Snapchat Videos Longer without Jailbreak

  • Open Tweakbox App Store on your iphone.
  • Search for the app ‘Snapchat ++.
  • Click on install and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Restart iPhone and login to Snapchat ++.
  • Start Recording your Snapchats now. With Tweakbox Snapchat ++, you will be able to make Snapchat Videos Longer without Jailbreak.

Important About Jailbreak

Jailbreaking your iPhone is free and trust me it does not cause any harm to your iPhone performance. Infact, I feel without Jailbreak you are just using 10 % of your iPhone features. It is kind of enhancement that you get with the Jailbreak. But, I also agree, some users who spend too much on iPhone sometimes feel reluctant to void Jailbreak warranty. For them, there is a option of installing Tweakbox. It gives you almost 50% of Jailbreak features and interesting thing is it does not void your warranty. Gone are those days when you were asked to Jailbreak and hack Snapchat features. Now it is 2017, get the Snapchat hack and Make Snapchat Videos Longer 2017.

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