ishant nayyar techcheater
ishant nayyar techcheater

Techcheater will inspire you to Make money with Internet and Cheat the technology

A Business Man is made if he has Either Paternal Money to invest or If he has Time to invest

Some Random And Disturbing Things About Me

  1. I live in Delhi… and I love it.
  2. I am Automotive software developer too.
  3. From Ford Mustang to Ferrari Italia, almost every big car has some of my software contribution.
  4. People celebrate “No Shave November”. I celebrate No shave forever.
  5. I have a King Tattoo on my arm.
  6. I was in Milan Italy for Some time. I just love Italians.
  7. And I love Indian food.
  8. I love Thai food.
  9. I love food.
  10. Was Born in 1990.
  11. I’m 6’1″ and 185 pounds.
  12. I do not like to sleep. I just Sleep for 3-4 hrs a day.
  13. Who else hates movies?. I Do not watch movies. Why to watch somebody else’s life and that too after paying. I just hate it.
  14. I earn most of my money with the Blogs and Cryptocurrency (majorly crypto) i create. you can too buy the crypto coins. You are always welcome to contact me on my social profiles to help you earn.
  15. I write Poetry.
  16. 🙂 I am single. There are rumors about my engagement with Miss world on internet. I love this rumour but i am not engaged.
  17. I am a car passionate. Few of the pics are below.
  18. I am a Taurean.
  19. God is generous. He blesses all those who work hard.
ishant nayyar beard 1
ishant nayyar beard 1
ishant nayyar beard
ishant nayyar beard
ishant nayyar audi
ishant nayyar audi
ishant nayyar milan
ishant nayyar milan
ishant nayyar uzbekistan
ishant nayyar uzbekistan
ishant nayyar italy
ishant nayyar italy
ishant nayyar jeep
ishant nayyar jeep
ishant nayyar tattoo
ishant nayyar tattoo

About Techcheater is a Vissible blog which came into existence in Month Of June 2016. and within one month of its existence it has got sensationally dominating web presence . The Website Visitors are majority Organic . Which Means website has been impressing Google Algorithm greatly.

Techcheater is a Motivation for All Middle Class Individuals who give up business dream and get into 8 – 5 office schedule because of No investment

Within First Month Of The Blog , The Visitor Count till 10 days after website was published was low. You can see the screenshot how the visitor count has reached till 2000 within 10 days.

With Only 15 – 20 posts , in first month the report is awesome…

about techcheater
about techcheater

The First blog Post published on the blog was on 2nd July 2016. It was a Hacking Trick which guided a way to download How to download Snapchat Photos and Videos.

How was started. My Tough Blogging Journey From The Scratch is a Blog in existence after an Automotive Software Engineer , Ishant Nayyar, That’s me 😀 , was excited that money can be made while he asleep easily.

I was in Italy for FIAT JEEP RENEGADE Project , when my Brother asked me to update a post for his Website because he was on Driving On Delhi Chandigarh Highway without a Laptop. I got his FTP account password and User details. I added some file he mailed me and i slept. Later morning i called him and asked what is this blog all about and what effect did my file addition made . He shared me a Screenshot of the Website visitor he got on his page which i added. I was astonished to see , while i slept for 8 Hrs , there were 633 Visitors during the time on his page and he made around 8.7 $ within that 8 hrs by some Google Adsense Program.

[Tweet “THATS HOW I LEARNT , i can earn Even When I am Sleeping if i can create a blog or Website like him. “]. 

Being a Money Minded Young Enthusiast , I started a blog  of the Fact It can make me earn for 24 Hrs. My Job Makes me to earn only for 8-5

Techcheater is not my first blog , i created 2 Flop Blogs before . i wanted to succeed desperately and i did😀

The first weekend of November 2014 , i registered a domain name and started building a website. It took me big time effort to code . I was putting effort with the excitement but was waiting for my website to go live. I researched the Internet and got to know many Web Building Platforms.

In Todays Era , Success is Definitely for those who either Create the technology or Who efficiently use the Multiple Technology creator ideas and present it in a dominating way.

I came to know about WordPress . I shifted My Website to WordPress and website was created in 10 minutes. I published my First Post the same day.

First Web Blog was a Big Flop.

After i started the wordpress website. i kept Posting my articles daily. Being a One Man Army  i was able to post 3 – 4 articles . With the excitement to earn , i Shared my Ideas On Facebook , Google Plus and Other Social Platforms.

Even After 4 Months of Handwork i was not able to Drive even 200 Visitors per month. I was saddened.

Unexperienced me thought and concluded the reason of failure :- The Domain Name I chose is not Good And should be something interesting.

Creation Of Second Web Blog , Again A Downlfall.

I bought a new domain , worked with the same passion and i failed again.

Failure of Second Blog Made Me create An Ecommerce Website . which turned to be a turning Point

I was unable to index my Website on Top before and I thought of getting visitors with My Family Business.

The Change Happened Here. Drastically. Turning Point Of my Blogging Journey.

I was creating websites/ Blogs since around 1 and a half year now but was not earning at all. When i created , i got to get orders and visitors. Reason was not my Web Indexing but i was promoting my website with the bags and cards to the customers of our Family Business. The Young generation liked the concept of Home delivery and started ordering Via the Website.

I got to earn from a website after long and i was very much impressed. This made me to learn and dig into the minute details.

Building a Website with WordPress is 10 minutes job , But Sincerest Dedication and Knowledge is required to Index it. This was the time i learnt.

I Gave up My everything. With Just 4 Hrs of Sleep A day , I researched Internet like Mads. I got to learn every aspect of a Website . Instead of researching the shortcuts , i put efforts researching the basics.

With every So Called Over Night Success , There are Many Nights which pays off for that. started Indexing Well on Google and i was getting orders with Google Now. Here is a screenshot of My earnings in the Month  of July 2016

techcheater urbanmadam earnings
techcheater urbanmadam earnings

I will be publishing the detailed articles which made my website to Index on Top. You can subscribe my email list , if you are a blogger / Web Developer. It will be available for free. Subscription is available at Footer section of the website.

In July 2016 , we received order sales worth Rs 354429.71. and on average the profit range on sales is 25-30 %. It is making me single handedly on a average INR 50000 – 70000 per month only through Sales.

You must be knowing There are many ways to make money with website . If not , you should subscribe to my Email List. I will be publishing my experiences on and learnings to make you learn on soon.

NOTE – URBANMADAM.COM has no partners and is single Owner Website . It means no distribution of Income profits. 

Now I am not limited to single source of Income.

I Believe if you need to Live Life to the fullest , you should have Multiple Sources Of Income , in Which you should Save the Income with Maximum Amount and spend the other sources for your hobbies and adventures. 

With Urbanmadam i started which is turning to be a great success. I will be uploading my income reports soon. Stay updated.

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About Me , Ishant Nayyar

ishant nayyar techcheater
ishant nayyar techcheater

Hi , I am Ishant Nayyar. Engineer By Profession and a True Car Lover. I code for Automotive Software. I was Born In New Delhi. I studied here , graduated in the same city. After My B. TECH i moved to Robert Bosch Bangalore .

There i have coded for the Powertrain Software of Audi , BMW , VW , Benz and all other leading OEMs. Then I got Into FIAT Automotives . Moved to Italy for Some time for A JEEP Cluster Project. Now I work For FORD projects in 8 – 5 .😀

You can Follow me on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter./ Google Plus

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Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.