iPhone dropped in Water | Immediate actions if iPhone dropped in water

iPhone dropped in Water. Don’t worry if iPhone dropped in water. What to do if you drop your iphone in water. Yes, the first thing you should do if you dropped iPhone in water. Immediately take out phone and proceed with the following steps if iPhone dropped in water. I will elaborate how to proceed in the case if you accidentally just dropped your iPhone in the water bucket / pool or any water present area. iPhone board are perfect. If you have water resistant device, then you do not have to worry at all. But if your phone is not a waterproof one, you can proceed with the following steps.

iPhone Dropped in Water

what to do if iphone dropped in water
what to do if iphone dropped in water

The first thing to note here is that you should not try to turn on your mobile phone. Rest steps, you can proceed to follow as guided. This is the most important part, that phone should not be turned on.

Immediate Actions to do if iPhone dropped in Water

  1. Take the iphone out of the water as soon as possible

    iphone dropped in water
    iphone dropped in water

    When you drop your phone, do not panic and just quickly take out your mobile phone out of the water. If it is left there for a longer duration, chances are high that the water penetrates to the internal circuitry and will take a longer time to dry off.

  2. Switch of your iPhone

    turn off phone immediately after iphone dropped in water
    turn off phone immediately after iphone dropped in water

    When you get the iPhone out of the water, the very next thing you have to do is to turn it off. This will ensure that the phone does not get any short circuit fault when it is operating with water in it. iPhones do not have the possibility to remove the battery quickly, else removing the battery in this case is the best option.

  3. Remove all other peripherals

    remove peripherals after iphone dropped in water
    remove peripherals after iphone dropped in water

    If your phone has external peripherals like Sim card, earphones, screen guards, mobile cover or even a lamination, remove everything. The water might just stuck up there and can become the only reason of your phone damage. This thing is very important part to do before you proceed further.

  4. Do not use a Blow dryer directly

    don't use dryer if iphone dropped in water
    don’t use dryer if iphone dropped in water

    This is the most important thing to note. Most of you might search for the dryer to remove the water. But this can be very dangerous. The blow dryer might heat up the phone components which might be very sensitive to heat. This can cause permanent breakdown of the components or even motherboards. Even if your phone was saved by water, you will surely harm your phone yourself. So, please ensure that you do not directly use the blow dryer.

  5. Pat dry with a dry Towel

    When your iPhone dropped in water, it had got some water inside and some was still outside. This will take out the outside water from your device. Do not spend too much time on using a dry towel or cloth. Rather proceed to the next step. The internal water can cause the damage and the water which is outside will evaporate on its own. It does not mean that the outside water is to be ignore. This might seep inside, so this is also important part.

  6. Keep your iPhone in bowl of uncooked rice or Silica

    put in rice if iphone dropped in water to fix it
    put in rice if iphone dropped in water to fix it

    The rice takes away the moisture trapped inside your iphone, ensuring that it is completely dry inside and out. Alternatively, You can also fill a plastic baggy with silica packets (those little packets that you find in shoe boxes) and drop your phone in into it. Silica is a desiccant that sucks up water moisture, so it’s perfect for drying a wet iPhone.

    You have to keep your iPhone in rice bowl for around 2 days. It will ensure, all the moisture is sucked out and there is no water present in your device.

  7. Keep your phone in direct Sunlight

    Now when you have to keep your device in direct sunlight. Do not keep your device there for long as it might heat up your iPhone. This will clear of the water from the edges. Now when you have the water removed from the iPhone. It is time to proceed.

  8. Test Your iPhone now

    test iphone if iphone dropped in water
    test iphone if iphone dropped in water

    Now you can turn on your iPhone which you dropped in water. It should work now. If it turns on, test the other components including the charger, your Sim, earphones etc. If all are working fine, it is a good news. But if it does not turn on try to connect your device with the charger. If it still gives the problem, it is better to go to the service centre. Some part has to be replaced now.

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To Summarize

Although i have mentioned all the steps ablove, still i would like to specifically mention two things which are very important. One is that you should avoid using Dryer and the second is that you should keep your phone in off mode until you do the necessary steps to ensure that it does not have water in it.

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But if this article helped you recover your iPhone device, you are lucky. So, Enjoy if your phone is working even after this water accident.

How to Charge iPhone Quickly

Charge iPhone Quickly. If you are curious to know that what is the way to Charge iPhone Quickly in lesser time than this article is for you. Charging your phone is something which irritates you when you are not in reach of power and there is something really important which is heading your priority list.

Charge iPhone Quickly 6
Charge iPhone Quickly 6

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To Charge iPhone Quickly you need to Follow Following Steps –

  1. Use Original Charger

    Charge iPhone Quickly 1
    Charge iPhone original charger 1

    To Charge iPhone quickly it is very important that you choose the right Charger. Why I am encouraging you guys to use the original iPhone charger is the fact that it is specifically designed to provide the certain Current (Electric Current) Specification which iPhone MotherBoard operates on. Using the Different rating charger impacts the performance of electronic components which increases the Charging time too.

  2. Turn On Battery Saver While Charging

    Charge iPhone Quickly 2
    Finally Charge iPhone Battery saver

    The Battery saver limits the iPhone performance for the background apps. By degrading the performance it implies that the apps running in background on iPhone are not able to fetch out the data in background. The minimised app usage lowers the load on resource sharing in iPhone. This helps out to save extra battery usage and if you plugin the charger with the battery Saver on, it makes you charge iPhone quickly.

  3. Disable Location Services

    Charge iPhone Quickly 3
    Charge iPhone – Disable location

    When you connect iPhone to charger, and you are not using the maps data or certain location based apps, then enabling the location services just only increases the battery consumption and makes it stressful for the iPhone battery to manage the resources. Disabling the Location services implies lesser usage of CPU and hence you can Charge iPhone quickly.

  4. Reduce the Screen Brightness to Minimum

    Charge iPhone Quickly 4
    Finally Charge iPhone – Minimum brightness

    The phone display is something which takes lot of battery. You will definitely wait longer, If you are using the iPhone and the brightness level is set to the maximum. To Charge iPhone quickly you should reduce the Screen Brightness to minimum.

  5. Use the Damage free original Apple iPhone Charger Wire

    Charge iPhone Quickly 5
    Charge iPhone damage free charger finally

    When you use the damaged Apple Charger wire, it may cause the delay in charging time for your iPhone. The damaged wire sometimes breaks/restricts the electric circuit partially and could not provide the full current to the iPhone. This increases the time to charge the iPhone. So, to charge iPhone quickly you should ensure that you replace the damaged wires as soon as you see the fault.

I am sure, if you follow the above mentioned steps, definitely you guys will be able to charge iPhone quickly. Which iPhone model you guys use? Mention below in comments!