How to Reset Windows 10 to Factory Settings | Factory reset windows 10

This article will assist you to do the factory reset of all the windows 10 devices, including windows 10 mobile / PC and laptops. This means, you can restore any device running on windows 10 OS to the same settings which came from the factory.

Factory reset windows 10
Factory reset windows 10

Many a times, when you sell a device or buy an old device, you want it to look like same as it came from factory. The Factory reset does this for you. Sometimes, the unwanted files degrades the device performance and you are unable to identify the file which is causing the issue. Such scenarios make it obvious to think and reset the device back to default settings.

Factory Reset Windows 10

When you enquire how to reset your device to factory default, you either want it for Lapotp / PC or a mobile phone. I will answer the question for them.

Steps to Do Factory Reset on Windows 10 Mobile

  1. Press “Start” on your Windows 10 Mobile.
  2. Swipe to Settings” -> System About Reset your phone.
  3. Confirm the selection and proceed further.
  4. Your Mobile will start restoring the default Factory Settings.
  5. Wait till the phone restarts.
  6. Enjoy.

Steps to Do Factory Reset on Windows 10 PC / Laptop

Factory reset windows 10 pc
Factory reset windows 10 pc
  1. Click Start and Enter through Settings -> Update & security -> Click Recovery.
  2. Now on the right side, click started under Reset this PC.
  3. If you want to keep your files safe, select “Keep my files” or else “Remove everything,”
  4. Select “Just remove my files” or “Remove files and clean the drive” and proceed further.
  5. Click Continue and wait until the settings are restored.
  6. Wait until the computer restarts.
  7. That’s it.

Restoring the windows settings is easy and simple. But you have to make sure that if you do not have a backup of your files or content, either take it in a local disk. You can also backup it on Onedrive. OneDrive is a beautiful product by Microsoft Corporation.

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Reset Watusi Passcode | Cydia tweak

Reset Watusi Passcode | Cydia tweak : Watusi is a Cydia tweak to Hack Whatsapp feature. This is available for Jailbreak users. But what if you forget your Watusi Passcode. Actually Watusi has a feature to Lock Whatsapp Chats with a Passcode.

reset watusi passcode
reset watusi passcode

We have provided a Post related to Watusi Feature to freeze Whatsapp last seen before. You can check the same at this link.

What to do if you forget Watusi Passcode | Reset it obviously , But how to do?

If you forget Watusi Passcode , Watusi does not provide step wise procedure to Reset Watusi Passcode. Even if you uninstall and install Watusi again, It will not work. Even i too had no clue with the issue resolution before.

Learn How can you freeze Whatsapp Last Seen.

The best Cydia Tweak to Hack Snapchat Completely.

How to use multiple whatsapp accounts on same android.

I had to search internet a lot to get a proper procedure to Reset Watusi Passcode. It happened by chance. I was not able to find the solution , then i followed the developer of the Cydia Tweak Watusi on Twitter.

There i asked him to provide the resolution. He reverted back with the proper resolution. This helped me to Reset Watusi Passcode.

You need to install another Cydia Tweak – Watusi Password Reset , to Reset Watusi Passcode

  1. For that you need to Launch Cydia.
  2. Add a Repo –
  3. Search for the Tweak “Watusi Password Reset”.
  4. Install and Follow the Onscreen instructions.
  5. After you install the tweak , it will reset Watusi Passcode.

After your passcode is reset , you can uninstall the Cydia Tweak – Watusi Password Reset.

Enjoy the Watusi Password Reset Tweak. Reset Your forgotten privacy passcode.

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