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Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter | Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter Game process

Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter. Get the Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter Game Hack for free on your iPhone. This Cydia process for the popular game Deer Hunter with Xxcoolmanxx Game process will change the way you are playing the game till date. The Game trick is free to get and installs in minutes. The only thing you need to have is iPhone or an ipad with the Jailbreak. For the readers, who do not know much about Jailbreak, i recommend them to check this article about Jailbreak – Cydia and Cydia Repositories.

Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter main
Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter

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Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter

Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter Game Cydia Source

The Cydia Source for getting the Deer Hunter is

XxCoolmanxx Cydia Repo

How to Install Cydia Repo For XXCoolManxx Deer Hunter

You can go to Cydia on your iPhone and then you have to enter the URL for Xxcoolmanxx Cydia Repo. You can read my stepwise guide, which will help you add the Cydia Repo after which you can enjoy the Deer Hunter Game.

How to Get XxCoolmanxx Deer Hunter

To Get Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter youhave to –

  1. Open Cydia on your iPhone with XXCoolmanxx Cydia Repository.
  2. Now search for the Game Deer Hunter.
  3. Click on install and wait till it completes.
  4. Restart your iPhone after the installation completes.
  5. Open Deer Hunter and your Game has exciting features now.
Xxcoolmanxx Deer Hunter
Xxcoolmanxx cydia of Deer Hunter


You can Make unlimited purchases in the app. Now when you are looking for any new gun, you can just simply select it to buy. It does not matter if you have sufficient money in game or not. Sometimes, i think if we can just just simply our lives too. May be then it will be all peace in world. Anyways, follow the steps and let me know in case you face issues. I will get back to you soon. Enjoy the game.

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