This post will guide you to download Snapchat Photos and Videos on your Iphone. Snapchat is a fast responsive way to communicate in Social Media . The idea of sharing the moments with the Snapchat Contact is highly Addictive. The Snapchat application makes you to record or capture stills using the Iphone Application. The real time caught memories are shared over the internet. The Snapchat Does not allow the pre saved images to be shared over the application. Also no other Snapchat user can ever save your shared videos or photographs. Isn’t it Great ?? Yes , it is great for your privacy. But, Techcheater wants you to cheat the technology. You need to access and operate the Snapchat , in a way of your own choice.

downloadvsnapchat photos and videos
download snapchat photos and videos

Snapchat is one of the trending app for chating in iphone as well in android and having large number of users through out the world. Most of us use snapchat to chat through pics. Snapchat is an app available for both andoid and ios . Snapchat functions on the basis that you can send and receive the pics and see them for a limited period of time but you can’t save the pics. The only option to save the pics is through the screenshot which you can take when you are viewing the pics of the other person. But as soon as you take the screenshot, the person who sent you the pic will get a notification that the receiver has taken the screenshot. So, you can’t take the screenshot of the pic without letting the sender know about the screenshot.

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Download Snapchat Photos On Iphone

Techcheater provides a way to download Snapchat photos and videos on your iphone. But for getting access to this feature you need to have a Jailbroken Iphone. Don’t worry if you do not have a jailbroken iphone. You can follow this guide to Jailbreak your iphone – Jailbreak iphone.

After you are done with your Jailbreak, Techcheater gets you an awesome jailbreak tweak to hack snapchat completely and save photos and videos without letting the other person know that you have taken the screenshot or saved the pic. For this you just need a jailbroken iphone and the name of the tweak and the way to install it has been provided in the following guide on how to hack snapchat completely and save pics from snapchat without screenshot. So get ready for the awesome tweak.

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Stepwise guide to download Snapchat Photos and Videos on Iphone:

  1. Launch Cydia.
  2. Search for the Jailbreak tweak – Phantom.

    download snapchat photos and videos
    download snapchat photos and videos
  3. Install the Phantom tweak. This will enable you to download the Snapchat photos and videos on your iphone.
  4. After installation , respring your iphone.

That’s it. You are done. Now you can download Snapchat Photos on your iphone.

Some of the Key Features of Phantom ( Jailbreak tweak to Download Snapchat Photos on IPhone)

  • You can save the incomming media directly to camera roll.
  • Send pics directly from the camera roll instead of clicking and then sending.
  • You can save stories also.
  • There are no time limits to view the snaps.
  • Now with phantom, you can type unlimited text.
  • You can also change font size of the text.
  • You can also select multiple contacts.

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We are working on a strategy to make it possible to download Snapchat photos on Android as well. Till then , this post will keep the iphone users happy. After insatlling the Phantom tweak. You can simply save the shared images or videos on your phone. There will be a save button for to download snapchat photos.

Download Snapchat photos and videos
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Download Snapchat photos and videos
Stepwise guide to save and download the snapchat images and photographs on iphone. easy explained guide to jailbreak your iphone and save or download the snapchat photos.
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Download Snapchat Photos Videos
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