Connect iPhone to Windows 10. The trick that will help you connect your iPhone to Windows 10 Pc or you can even connect an iPhone to Windows 10 Laptop. This will let you connect any iPhone model, either of iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 X or any other iPhone model with any OS version with Windows 10 systems.

There are many ways that can let you know the way to connect your iPhone. You can use Wifi, Bluetooth or the USB connection. The official way is to use iTunes. The iTunes acts as an interface between your iPhone and windows computer and you can establish either wireless connection or using the USB port. iTunes will help you connect and exchange data between iPhone and the computer.

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connect iphone to windows 10
connect iphone to windows 10

Follow the Steps to Connect iPhone to Windows 10

You can use Wi-Fi network instead of lighting cable as well. But, for the very first time, you need lighting cable to connect to the PC or lapop. After you enable the Trust This Computer Option, you will be able to connect to the computer using Wireless network as well. To connect iPhone with Windows 10 Wirelessly, use the lighting cable for the first time, trust your computer and then you can proceed further.

Benefits of using iTunes when you connect an iPhone with the Windows 10 computer or laptop.

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I am sure, you are going to like the iTunes. Enjoy the features and sync endlessly your device data. You may find other PC suites as well, but Don’t risk your privacy. Use the official iTunes and connect iPhone to Windows to enhance your iPhone experience.