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Ethereum. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that uses a Proof of Work logic for the price computation. The Ethereum coin uses more secured algorithm than the Bitcoins. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is the mother of all the popular cryptocurrency names you hear around you. But it does not mean that the old is always gold. Ethereum is gaining its popularity and the price is also getting higher day by day. The USD to ETHEREUM chart changes a lot on daily basis. This is attracting more and more investors to get the bytes with EThash algorithm. By the way, i will tell you about the details of Ehash below in the article.

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Why Ethereum?

The reason to buy Ethereum is that it is comparitively cheaper to invest in Ethereums than Bitcoin. Also, the Ether Logic is far more better than the Bitcoin logic. More secured algorithm means more trust of people to invest. As per the market researchers, if the growth in Bitcoin price is going to be steep, then for ether it is going to be exponential.

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Ethereum Languages

The software for the computation is written mainly in the following languages:

  1. Solidity
  2. C++
  3. Python
  4. Serpernt
  5. Mutan
  6. Java Script
  7. Viper

The code computes for the algorithm and generates the Block- Chained Tokens using the smart contracts.


Ether is like a vehicle for moving around on the Ethereum platform. Developers. It is basically the proof of work for the algorithms. The two of its major uses are –

  1. To Run the ether apps.
  2. Exchange on digital currency marketplace for different currencies.

Hard Fork

This is one of the other popular terminology which you will come across while reading for ethers. It is a radical change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions valid (or vice-versa), and as such requires all nodes or users to upgrade to the latest version of the protocol software. In other words, a hard fork is a permanent divergence from the previous version of the blockchain.

The nodes running previous versions will no longer be accepted by the newest version. This essentially creates a fork in the blockchain. Here one path which follows the new is the upgraded blockchain. The other part of the for is the older path in the blockchain.

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Ethereum Algorithm

ETHash is the ethereum algorithm. I will explain you in brief about this. Ethash is the PoW(Proof of Work) algorithm for Ethereum initial release. It is the latest version of Dagger-Hashimoto. The same algo which was for bitcoin. Although it can no longer appropriately be called that since many of the original features of both algorithms have been drastically changed.

The general route that the Ethereum algorithm takes is as follows:

  1. It has a seed which can be computed for each block by scanning through the block headers up.
  2. Using the seed, the logic computes a 16 MB pseudorandom cache.
  3. The cache is stored with the light clients. From the cache, we can generate a 1 GB dataset, with the property that each item in the dataset depends on only a small number of items from the cache.
  4. Now the Full clients and miners store the dataset which increases the number with time.
  5. After the dataset computation, random slices grabbing is done which are then hashed together. This process is mining.
  6. After the conjunction of slices, Verification can be done with low memory by using the cache to regenerate the specific pieces of the dataset that you need.

The large dataset updates once every 30000 blocks. Majority of a miner’s effort will be reading the dataset.

Acquiring Ethereum

Ethereum acquisition can be done with the following ways:

  1. Mining

    pic of ethereum mining setup at home
    pic of ethereum mining setup at home

    People compete to “mine” ethereum using computers to solve complex math puzzles. This is the way to generate ethers. Anybody can setup the computers and start the process. I will be sharing the detailed article soon to assist with the process.

  2. Buy on an Exchange

    buy ethereum from coinbase
    buy ethereums from coinbase

    Many marketplaces called “Ether exchanges” allow people to buy or sell bitcoins using different currencies. Coinbase is a leading exchange where you can buy the digital currency. There are hundreds of such marketplaces. You can google it up and opt for anybody. But, i personally prefer the pioneer.

  3. Transfers

    transferring ethereum
    transferring ether

    You can send ether like you exchange money. The transfer occurs with each other using mobile apps or their computers. It’s similar to sending cash digitally.

Storing Ethereum

ethereum wallet
ether wallet

You can store the digital currency in digital wallets. There are many wallets available to keep your cryptocurrencies. But normally, people keep their digital acquisition in the same place where they purchase it from. This means, if you purchase the Ethereum from Coinbase, you will be able to hold it in their wallet. You can also sell the ethers and convert the amount to your local currency. Nowadays, people do not spend their digital currency much. This is a kind of investment for them.

The Benefits of Ethereum decentralized Platform and the reason of its success

ethereum benefits
ethereum benefits
  • Security – The network uses the best of the logics. This makes the ethereum trustworthy. There is no central storage and hence the it is free from the hackers attack.
  • Immutability – Nobody can make changes to the algorithms. This is open source but no body can alter the existing algo.
  • Corruption Free – Apps are based on a network formed around the principle of consensus, making censorship impossible.
  • Zero downtime – The apps do not go down. They have the maximum uptime.

Which Currency you can exchange for Ethereum

You can exchange any digital currency for any other digital currency. The important thing here to note is that the buy and sell rates vary for the individual. The middleman or the exchange earns big big profits while becoming the interface between the user and the cryptocurrency.

Other Popular Terms in Ethereum World

Smart Contract

smart contract is a computer protocol which facilitates, verifies, or enforces the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow to perform credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.It can facilitate the exchange of money, content, property, shares, or anything of value. When running on the blockchain a smart contract becomes like a self-operating computer program that automatically executes when specific conditions are met. They are highly secure and run exactly as programmed without any possibility of censorship, downtime or any fraud.

Ethereum Virtual Machine

The Ethereum Virtual Machine focuses on providing security. It helps in executing untrusted code by computers all over the world. To be more specific, this project focuses on preventing Denial-of-service attacks, which have become somewhat common in the cryptocurrency world. Moreover, the EVM ensures programs do not have access to each other’s state, ensuring communication can be established without any potential interference. I will be sharing the article with details about it. But for now, i think this will be sufficient enough.

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I recommend you to invest in Ethereum. This is the future of digital cryptocurrency. Bitcoins will not assure you that percentage of returns, which you can get from the Ethereum.

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