buy electroneum

Electroneum Coin Buy Guide | How to buy Electroneum

Buy Electroneum. Electroneum Coin Purchase guide. Buy electroneum using your mobile and earn with Electroneum coin mining. To Buy Electroneum in wallet, you just have to spend 5 minutes of time and you will be ready to make the transactions. Electroneum is not as popular as bitcoin, but surely it is one of the future in the digital currency investment. Many Tech geeks and most of my friends are investing in Electroneum coins. The best thing about this currency is that it is possible to increase the currency using your smartphones.

Buy Electroneum

buy electroneum
buy electroneum

Before i tell you the steps, you should read the below points that will motivate you to invest in Electroneum.

Why should you Buy Electroneum and prefer it over Other CryptoCurrencies?

  • Electroneum Coins are priced less and one can purchase with a minimum investment.
  • The Digital Currency is a popular area of the money expansion plans.Like all others, Electroneum is getting the trust by the users.
  • With Electroneum you can make digital transactions all over the globe.
  • Anybody can purchase the cryptocurrency Electroneum via many digital exchanges.

Unlike the bitcoins, it costs very less.

If a Person can not Buy a Mercedes, he gets a Suzuki. If Bitcoin is Benz, You can get the luxury at cheaper price with Suzuki.

Buy Electroneum Coin from Exchange

buy electroneum coin from cryptopia
buy electroneum coin from cryptopia

Electroneum are available with Cryptopia Exchange. To purchase electorneum coins, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Register your account at Cryptopia (no verification is required for smaller transactions).
  2. Register On Localbitcoins and buy bitcoins in your wallet. Localbitcoins provides the cheapest rates than any other exchange.
  3. Send the BTC from localbitcoins to Cryptopia.
  4. Now Search for the Electroneum coin.
  5. Buy electroneum coin in your account.

Important : The Smartphone mining is not available for now. You can Buy Electroneum from Cryptopia. As the rates are rising day by day and this is the future coin, please do not wait for mining. After you buy electroneum from cryptopia, you can proceed to get the electroneum app.

Buy Electroneum Stepwise Guide

To Purchase Electroneum –

  1. First Download The App for your smartphone using this Link – iOS / Android.
  2. Note the referral ID for Electroneum affiliate – 648FD5. Enter this when you are asked.

    referral code to buy electroneum
    referral code to buy electroneum
  3. To create the account, enter your login details which includes email ID and Password.

    join electroneum to buy electroneum coin
    join electroneum to buy electroneum coin
  4. You will be asked to enter a login pin as well along with an alternate ID. Make sure, the ID you enter with your pin is different from your Login ID.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions. You will complete the setup in few minutes.
  6. You can start mining the Electroneum coin on your mobile device. Check for the option on bottom left side of the app.
  7. That’s it.

Important to Note : On the right side below, you will see an option to earn more coins. Click this tab and enter the referral code as  – 648FD5. You will earn 100 electroneum coins for free.

How to earn More Coins with Electroneum for free

  • Open and login to your Electroneum app After you create your account with electroneum. 
  • On the right side below in the app, you will find the option to “Earn More Coins”. Open the tab to proceed.

    enter referral to buy electroneum
    enter referral to buy electroneum
  • You will find the area to enter a referral code. Enter the referral code 648FD5 and you will get the opportunity to earn free electroneum coins.
  • Enjoy your luck and check how much coins you get. Do not worry, you will get minimum 10 electroneum coins for sure.

Invite your friends to Join Electroneum using your referral code

Once you install the app and configure the account, you can copy your referral code as well. When you share this with your friends, you will be able to earn when they join. Also, your friends will be able to earn, when they enter your referral code.


How much can i Earn with Electroneum?

There is no limit of your earnings with electroneum. Even if you are not investing the money, you can still earn with the referrals scheme. Meaning, if you invite anybody to join Electroneum, you will earn electroneum coins when they join the network. Isn’t it great. Also, if you invest, you will be getting the profits as per your investment.

Sweetness of a Cake is as per the honey added in the recipe.

Is there any Cryptocurrency that can be purchased with mobile?

Electroneum is a Digital Cryptocurrency that uses proof of work algorithm and is processed on mobile phones. It means electroneum mining happens on the smartphones.

Electroneum Vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin is priced around 18000 USD and Electroneum is somewhere around 0.010 USD which makes the Electroneum a great opportunity to buy for small investors. Bitcoin is the pioneer of Cryptocurrency, but surely the Electroneum coin is the future. More buyers are focussing now towards the electroneum.

How to Download Electroneum Mobile App?

You can download the official Electroneum mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. The mobile app will assist you to increase your asset with the digital currency.

Where can i Buy Electroneum?

The official way to purchase electroneum is to use the app and follow the steps as i mentioned above.

Mining Electroneum

Mining Electroneum is possible on smartphones. When you download the app on your smartphone, you can start mining without any cost. Whatever coins you generate, you can sell them for profit. Electroneum further uses your proof of work for ethereum and bitcoins.

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Digital Currency is getting popular all over the world. No body can guaranty how secure are these strategies. But people are earning with this. Make sure, you bind yourself with the spending limit. You can earn too. I recommend you to definitely buy Electroneum for yourself but you should limit the expenditure amount.

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