Fireworks Locations Fortnite

Fireworks Locations Fortnite

The Fortnite game is popular and the latest trend is about the Fireworks. You can launch / start the Fireworks in game at particular locations. Here we will tell you different places where you can go and enjoy the Fireworks there.Fireworks Locations Fortnite

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Fireworks Locations Fortnite

Let us begin to understand the game play places where the feature can be used. Before proceeding, you should understand that the fireworks are not weapons, rather they are just for environment in the game.

When you look at the map, the locations are on the extreme edges. The locations on the map are shown in the picture above. The places can be termed as:

  • The Block: Place near the north houses of The Block. This place was formerly Risky Reels.
  • Wailing Woods: Near the Rocks which are slightly northeast of Wailing Woods. You can say somewhat close to the look alike of modified house/dog structure.
  • Desert:¬†Third place is the Waterfall. On the way of Southern edge of the map in the Desert Biome. You will see The river falls off the map in a waterfall. Just follow the river up one ledge and you can trigger the fireworks.

How to Launch Fireworks in Fortnite after reaching Fireworks Locations Fortnite

To launch the fireworks you just need to go to the location. When you are at the right place, interact with the Fireworks to launch them.

This is new special game attraction which has come up at the time of new year. The game developers are surprising the game players with this. The timely updates and the surprises keep up the game spirit alive.

Enjoy the game and have a Happy New Year.

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