How to download print drivers in windows 10 site

How to download print drivers in windows 10 site

Hey friends, Here is the official download guide of the print drivers in Windows 10. The gives frequent updates for the printer drivers but the thing is that, it is quite difficult to navigate and you will find difficult to find what you want. Hence, we have filtered out the data and will get you the quick link to download the printer drivers for your windows 10 computers and laptops.

How to download print drivers in windows 10 site
How to download print drivers in windows 10 site

Download print drivers in windows 10 site

If you are looking to take print outs on your windows 10 machine and you are not able to proceed because of the driver issues, you can get the official drivers for free. Let us proceed to understand the process.

Steps to download & Install the print drivers in Windows 10 from official site

  1. On your Windows 10 PC, Open Start -> Settings -> Devices -> Printers & scanners
  2. Now click on Add a printer or scanner
  3. Search the printer name which you wish to install and proceed to the next step.
  4. Windows 10 will fetch for the compatible drivers and install on your computer.
  5. That’s it. Enjoy.

If the Printer is not mentioned in the default list, go to the printer official website and look for the drivers there.

The best thing about this setup is that it is 100% free to use and does not include any advertisements. Also, the download from the official site gives an assurance of the trust that your computer is safe.

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