Know Who Messaged on Sarahah
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Know Who Messaged on Sarahah

How to Know Who messaged on Sarahah. This is popular query now. Users are now addicted to it, & are searching to check / know who messaged on Sarahah. For those who do not know What the hell is the this Sarahah, let me first elaborate it to you.

Know Who Messaged on Sarahah
Know Who Messaged on Sarahah

How to Know Who Messaged on Sarahah

Before I answer your question, let me first give a brief overview. Sarahah is the newest trend of socialism with the mobile apps. First it was BBM, then it was Whatsapp, then it was Facebook messenger. After the series, no body can count, how many instant messenger apps came and went. No body hit a sensation. Now it is a trend which Sarahah is setting. People on other messengers are sharing the profile of this amazing app. This is the main background about the trend that is happening. Now let me tell you –

What is Sarahah

Sarahah is a Smartphone App, that lets users to send messages anonymously, Yes, your read it write. When you create account, you will get a Profile ID, just like user name. Now you can share it to anybody. People are doing this on Other Social platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. Now, anybody can go to your profile and can send any message and that too without revealing the idendity. This is really interesting. But sometimes, it makes you eager to know who has Messaged on Sarahah.

To Know Who Messaged on Sarahah you have to follow these steps

  • Open Your Internet Browser and go to the address – Sarahah spy.
  • Enter your Sarahah User Name.
  • Now, accept the terms and conditions and proceed to generate the Access Token.
  • Follow the On screen instructions till you get the details of the users who messaged you on Sarahah.

Personally, i am nor liking Sarahah, and i have not yet created account. Let me know about your experience with the app.

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