Mini Militia Cydia Hack
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Mini Militia – some unexplored ideas

Mini Militia Cydia game. This will change your game experience totally. With Mini Militia Cydia process, you can get many features which are not available normally. The game is free to play. The game users keep on searching for the ways and tricks. Especially the way to get Pro features for Free is the most popular query. The game has certain limitations. That is you can not increase the game duration as per your convenience.

Mini Militia Cydia Hack
Mini Militia Cydia Hack

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Mini Militia Cydia Process

The Cydia Hacks are possible to get on Jailbroken iPhones. To Jailbreak iPhone, follow this stepwise guide. This is for OS 10.2, search our website if you are using some other OS version.

To know, What is Cydia and Cydia Repository , read this elaborated article.

Mini Militia Cydia repo

The Cydia Repo will run using iFIle. After you install you have to get the Repo from URL –

After you have the Cydia Repo file, open it in iFILE.

Steps to get Mini Militia Cydia gameplay

Features of Mini Militia Cydia trick

  • Enjoy the Unlimited Ammo. Your guns will never run out.
  • Unlimited Nitro Boost.
  • No Grenades Count. You will fight with unlimited grenades.
  • Kill in Single Shot. Kill Other enemies in Single shot.
  • No Gravity to hinder. Fly unlimited and stay fixed anywhere.
  • You will get the Pro Pack Activated by default.

Things to Note

Mini Militia game is available on both iOS and Android. The app uses internet connection. When connected, players from different countries join together and fight. The app uses internet connection. You can also play without internet but you have to connect multiplayer devices with WiFi Hotspot. The biggest limitation is you will be totally bored playing solo.

You can get the app for both the iOS and Android using below links.



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