Movie Maker Windows 10

Movie Maker Windows 10 | Windows 10 Movie Maker

Movie Maker Windows 10. The Movie maker software for Windows 10. This article will give you every detail about the movie make specifically for windows 10 and the way to download it. Windows Movie maker is a video editing software that most of the people use. Users are familiar to the tool and they feel reluctant to change their software even after the movie maker is discontinued now.

Movie Maker Windows 10
Movie Maker Windows 10

Do You Know: Movie maker was started in the Year 2000. Since then, it has been the favourite.

Are you new on Windows 10 and face trouble in using the interface. Click this article to read how can your computer assist you in using the windows 10.

Movie Maker Windows 10

The software lets to create excellent videos. It gives flexibility to combine photos, add music and get a decent film for use. Though it highly depends on the camera quality, but the tool also has the options to introduce the filters for enhancing the visual experience.

Movie Make Windows 10 Download link

You can download the Movie Maker for Windows 10 using this link: Download link for movie maker windows 10

How to get Movie maker for Windows 10

  1. Open your computer browser and click the above given link.
  2. Once the download completes, double click the installation setup.
  3. Now “Tick Mark” the programs you want to install on your computer. Make sure to select only Photo Gallery and Movie Maker and click the Install button.
  4. Wait for the installation to finish.

Important To Note: Again, if you have Windows Photo Gallery installed, you most likely have Windows Movie Maker installed as well, so there’s no need to install it.

Once you install the application, you can easily start it simply by double clicking the Movie Maker shortcut.

Overview Features of Movie Maker for Windows 10

  • It gives flexibility to add the Transitions.
  • You can add special Effects to the created videos.
  • When you have the video ready, you can mix Audio sounds to enhance the video experience.
  • Lets you add the Titles/credits.
  • Timeline narration.

So, just get the software and enjoy the features. Get your work done. If you know any other important thing about the windows movie maker, do mention below in comments. If you have any other information to share, you can reach me via my contact page.

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