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Record More Than 10 seconds Video on Snapchat. It is actually possible to upload / record videos of longer duration on Snapchat, longer than 10 seconds. You know friends the “How to” searches for Snapchat are the most trending search requests on Google Trends. I created account on Snapchat around 2 years back. But I am using it frequently since last summers. The app interface is smooth and i like to get in touch with my followers with Snapchat.

I personally like Snapchat but i don’t like few of the app restrictions. It happened last month when I was using the Snapchat app and I wanted to upload my video of my fast driving. I started recording the Snapchat video and raised the accelerator padle. I was happy that my friends will like to see it. But when I checked only starting part was shared. I checked again and than I got to know it is Snapchat limitation that I can not upload / Record More than 10 seconds video on Snapchat.

Exploring to trick Snapchat | When I checked How to record more than 10 Seconds Video On Snapchat

I wanted to record more than 10 Seconds video on Snapchat and I researched the tricks. Then I talked to one of my developer friend who develops Jailbreak apps for iPhone and has also shared many articles for me on this blog too.

He suggested me to use Phantom for this. I knew about Phantom and I have already shared many articles guiding users to install phantom and Hack Snapchat features, but I did not personally check this one. With Phantom it is possible to Record Videos more than 10 Seconds on Snapchat.

I did Jailbreak my iPhone and then I was able to proceed. You guys can also Jailbreak your iPhone with this tutorial.

If you have jailbroken iphone proceed with the below steps. If you have a non Jailbreak iphone, check this guide to make longer snapchats.

How is it possible to Upload Longer Snapchat Videos | Record more than 10 Seconds Video on Snapchat

  1. Launch Cydia on iPhone and add “CokePoke” Repo.
  2. Search for the Tweak Phantom and click Install.
  3. Installation will take few minutes. Respring Springboard after installation completes.
  4. Now You have got the Phantom. With this your Snapchat will now can record More Than 10 Seconds videos.
  5. Open Snapchat, and record any length video.
Record More Than 10 seconds Video in Snapchat
Record More Than 10 seconds Video in Snapchat

After I installed Phantom,i just enabled the Tweak through Settings. It is great to use Snapchat Now. With Phantom not only i can Upload Longer Videos on Snapchat but i can even download the Snapchat Stories of my friends. Normally  it is not possible to do that. Phantom has enhanced my Snapchat Experience now. It is fun to trick your friends.

So friends, keep appreciating my articles . This motivates me to write even more. Let me know if you need any specific information. Till then Good Bye friends, have a Safe time, Get the trick and Record More Than 10 seconds Video in Snapchat.

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