show different name on Truecaller
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How to show different name on truecaller

Truecaller is a popular app that lets the users to identify the unknown names on the app. Here we will tell a way to change your name on the Truecaller app to a different one and show it to other users using the app. This app is very popular for both the smartphone platforms, i.e Android and iOS.

Truecaller is a Database which has all the Smartphone users Contact details. It has its own pros and Cons. It hinders your privacy , but it helps to detect Spammers.

Truecaller works , when somebody calls somebody , if the Truecaller application is installed , it will pop up the name of the caller. This post will guide you to change the displayed name. I mean if you call somebody else , even though the person has installed Truecaller. It will show the name as per your choice.

Truecaller rules over your Privacy. But dont be afraid. You just follow this post. You will learn to show fake name truecaller.

show different name on Truecaller
show different name on Truecaller

Perform the steps to Show a different Name to your phone number on Truecaller:

  • Before proceeding you should keep in mind , you dont have Truecaller installed on your mobile phone, If you have, Uninstall the Truecaller application.
  • After you are done with the first step , you should download the Truecaller application again.
  • Proceed creating a new account. While entering the details , instead of adding correct name information , just write down the Fake name which you wish should be displayed when you call somebody.
  • Proceed with the on screen instructions to complete the account creation process.
  • Thats it. Now your Fake name is mapped with your telephone number in Truecaller database.

Click this link if you wish to know , you can read your friends Whatsapp messages. You do not need your friends phone even.

Click this link to download Truecaller for IOS. Then Show Fake Name Truecaller.

Click this link to download Truecaller for Android, Then show fake name Truecaller.

Click this link to downlod Truecaller for Windows , then show fake name Truecaller.

Now if you call anybody , they will see the Fake Name on their mobile phone with Truecaller.

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