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How To Share songs On Whatsapp In iPhone

Share songs on Whatsapp in iPhone. Share music or videos on WhatsApp in iPhone. Apple users been dominated by other mobile users like samsung and all as they got an advantage of sending music from their library via whatsapp. This is a very annoying drawback of Apple’s whatsapp as Apple have its own security issue with its operating system. So in this post Technoapa will provide you with a trick that will help you guys to share music on whatsapp from any iOS device.

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This is a must-have tweak for all the jailbreak fans of  iPhone. Since Whatsapp has become a part of our life but its limitation for iOS users like NO music sharing is a very annoying part of it, but all the jailbreakers think beyond anything and loves to cross all limitations.

Now you can share music on Whatsapp by installing a tweak named as WHATSAPP+. This tweak also help to do modification with your Whatsapp.

Features offered by Whatsapp+ :

  1. Share music.
  2. Send unlimited media like pictures,videos.
  3. Add full profile pic without crop.
  4. Disable read receipts.
  5. Stealth mode.
  6. Custom text color.


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Method to Install Whatsapp+ : This will make you share songs on whatsapp in iPhone

  1. First you need a jailbroken iPhone.
  2. Go to search and type Whatsapp+.
  3. Install the tweak.
  4. Respring your device.
  5. Download and Enjoy the restriction free Whatsapp !


Enjoy and Have fun ;). Share songs on whatsapp in iPhone.





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