Start and Earn Money from Blog - (Setup in India)

Start and Earn Money from Blog – (Setup in India)

Hi Guys! Welcome to the Advanced guide of – Start and Earn Money from Blog. I hope you enjoyed reading my article – How to Start a Blog to earn you extra money from home. This post will guide you to setup your blog and start earning.

Start and Earn Money from Blog - (Setup in India)
Start and Earn Money from Blog – (Setup in India) finally

Just Proceed Stepwise, and you will be done with the minimum efforts and expenses.

You may see hundreds of advertisements asking that they will create your website for 1 $ and even cheaper, but just do one thing, search for the blogs which are created on those platforms and are earning or are successful. I am putting down the cheap and best solution to start a blog which will give you good returns.

    1. Purchase a Domain Name | India Guide to Earn Money from Blog

      You may get hundreds of Domain registering companies, Like Bigrock, Bluehost etc. But I would recommend you to use Bluehost. It is the best and the most reliable brand. If you purchase web hosting from Bluehost, they give you an option to get an available domain name for free. Meaning purchasing a domain name from Bluehost is free. You can also read, What are the common mistakes new bloggers do while getting a new domain name and how to select the domain name for your blog or website. To Purchase the domain name, please check this URL –

      There are many benefits of registering the domain name from Bluehost. They give the most easy user interface to operate even if you are not from Engineering Background. Just if you know to Read and understand English, that is enough for you to operate.

    2. Get the Web Hosting | India Guide to Earn Money from Blog

      If you have the domain name, the next thing you need is the web hosting. For beginners i recommend you to go with the basic plan. To purchase Web hosting in India I recommend only and Only Bluehost. If you are a student and you are not willing to spend more, the only thing I would suggest you to go with Bigrock. please don’t go for Godaddy or other local cheap options. That is not worth.

      Believe me guys, if you are proceeding the way I am guiding, you are definitely going to start earning a lot from blogging. You can check the Income report of Techcheater for the Month of February 2017. and is just 6 months old website.



Once you have the Domain name and the web hosting, you can proceed to create the blog. I will recommend you to just think a topic, get the domain name and then proceed to my next post- How to create the blog with

There is a saying – Never say no to anything, you might lose the chance. Say yes, and then you can learn always. Atleast you don’t miss a chance

Stay tuned to my articles, Next articles will help you setup the blog and proceed with the first posts. Finally you have a guide to proceed.

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