stream 2016 olympics java

Stream 2016 Olympics Java Devices

Stream 2016 Olympics Java Devices- Techcheater brings another you another minblowing blog for streaming of 2016 Olympics on your Java, Samsung Bada and other devices.

stream 2016 olympics java
stream 2016 olympics java

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here, and the world’s greatest athletes are ready to show us what they’re made of. If you want to catch all the suspense, drama, and victory, but you don’t have cable, here’s how you can medal in streaming for free.

Stream It from NBC

NBC is making it easier than ever to stream the Olympics… if you’re a cable subscriber. However, if you can borrow a friend or family member’s cable credentials both and the NBC Sports app (free on iOS, Apple TV, Android, Windows devices, Xbox, and Roku) will be streaming over 4,500 hours of live coverage during the games, including the opening and closing ceremonies. You’ll pretty much be able to see it all on almost any device if someone is nice enough to let you use their credentials. You can also watch live coverage of the Olympics for free on a time-delay if you have an Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna hooked up to your TV.

In the U.S., NBC has exclusive rights to the Olympics, so there’s not too many ways around their streaming paywalls, but that also means you only see the games NBC wants to show you, on a time delay that NBC chooses. But other countries have their own TV networks covering the games, and many of them offer free streaming too. With a VPN, you can re-route your connection to another country that offers free Olympic streaming, bypass location restrictions, and watch like you’re actually there. Here are all of the international networks that are offering their own free streaming of the Olympics:

For English speakers in U.S. time zones, BBC and CBC are going to be your best options. Historically, they also stream more sports, and more varied sports, than US networks provide. As long as your VPN provider has an exit node in the UK or Canada, you’re all set. Depending on which VPN provider you go with, though, this option probably won’t be free, so you’ll want to choose wisely.


  • Go to settings and enable installation from third parties.
  • Connect your mobile phone to internet.
  • Open Techcheater database
  • Search for Stream 2016 Olympic App Java
  • Click on install.

This is how you can download and stream 2016 Olympic on your Java phones. Instead of searching our database , you can directly click this link to Stream 2016 OLYMPIC  Java.


Although the app is not available for Windows operating system, it is freely available for Nokia, Android and iPhone smartphones operating systems. Unfortunately, there is no Samsung Bada version of streaming and you cannot find a way to stream it on your Bada device anywhere on the web. Alternative applications for java phones can be used. See below a list of devices, which runs Bada version. Stream 2016 Olympics Java & Samsung Bada

  • Samsung S8530 Wave II
  • Samsung S8500
  • Samsung Wave 3 S8600
  • Samsung Wave M S7250
  • Samsung Wave Y
  • Samsung S5250 Wave 525
  • Samsung S5330 Wave 533
  • Samsung S5780 Wave 578
  • Samsung S5750 Wave 575
  • Samsung S7230E Wave 723
  • Samsung M210S Wave2



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