Wifi greyed out error | iPhone

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone does not allow to connect to the wifi network. WiFi greyed out error makes icon look grey in control centre which can not be toggled or selected further. Even the WiFi appears Off in Settings. The Same happens with Bluetooth. The problem is so irritating that you can not access the internet with wifi. You must be searching out , what actually is this problem? This is something which can happen because of multiple reasons. Read out further to know the details.

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone | Reasons for the problem

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone shows out mainly because of three reasons-

  1. The MotherBoard fault.
  2. The Jailbreak Error.
  3. Faulty Wifi Antenna.
Wifi greyed out error | iPhone
Wifi greyed out error | iPhone

Wifi greyed out error in iphone because of Motherboard fault.

Sometimes the root cause of the wifi greyed out in iPhone is the motherboard error. This may arise because of the motherboard getting faulty due to any of the reason. Most common will be

  1. Water.
  2. Using charger inappropriately.
  3. Overheating of the IC.

Any of the above reason will be impossible for you to diagnose. At home you can’t predict if you get Wifi Greyed Out icons because of these reasons. I will suggest you to first check the below Points and then go to Service centre. You might be just spending something for nothing. The Local Service guys might fool you.

Wifi greyed out error in iPhone because of Jailbreak.

The problem has been seen in Untethered Jailbroken iPhones. We are getting many emails from the Jailbreak owners of IOS 9.2 onwards. We are unable to dig, Why is it happening in iPhones though. But problems of Wifi Greyed Out Error is most common in Untethered Jailbreaks.To rectify the error We revert Back the Jailbreak to original IOS. This will resolve your problem and will make you use proper iPhone features. Actually the 9.2 to 9.4 Jailbreak are not full Jailbreaks available. They are Semi Jailbreak. Meaning they will go once you reboot your iPhone. You have to Re Jailbreak your iPhone after every reboot. The Full Jailbreaks are 100 % Stable. Sooner the full Jailbreaks will be available in market for IOS 9.2 to IOS 9.4.

Check, How can you Jailbreak IOS 9.

If You are not using a Semi Jailbroken iPhone, check the below reason. It might be your case.

Wifi greyed out error because of faulty wifi antenna.

Wifi Greyed Out in iPhone can also be due to the faulty hardware. Sometimes it is your iPhone hardware that makes your wifi and Bluetooth icons to look greyed out. The problem is so confusing that you can not figure out what is the reason of Wifi Greyed out error in iPhone. To diagnose and know if your iPhone wifi icons are greyed out because of the faulty wifi antenna, go to settings and look for the MAC address. If your iPhone shows you the MAC address, your WiFi Antenna is absolutely OK.

If you get the WiFi Mac Address, you should worry that You Might are Getting the problem because of the First Point, that is your mother board.

I am sure, you will be able to diagnose the real reason for WiFi Greyed out error in iPhone. Identify your reason and proceed accordingly. The Bluetooth and Wifi Greyed out icons will be fine and the functionality will work fine.