Show Fake Car Speed On Snapchat

Show Fake Car Speed On Snapchat. This trick will guide you to show Fake Vehicle / Fake Car speed on Snapchat Videos / Snapchat Photos. The Tweak will make you display a predefined Vehicle / Car Speed as per your choice on Snapchat photos and videos. Snapchat is the latest trend in social media. It enables you to share the photos and videos to your Snapchat buddies.


Show Fake Car Speed On Snapchat
Show Fake Car Speed On Snapchat

Snapchat is the most searched Application for various tricks. The reason is simple. The App is popular and it restricts many functionalities. For Eg. You can not Share a Snapchat Video greater than 10 seconds. But we have provided many tricks and tips for Snapchat. You can look them as well.

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Show Fake Car Speed On Snapchat

Show Fake Car Speed On Snapchat. The Trick works on Jailbroken iPhone. You should not worry if you do not have Jailbroken iPhone. You can Jailbreak your iPhone with the easy stepwise guide. After you have iPhone with the Jailbreak, you can proceed to get the trick. After you perform the below mentioned steps, you can Show Fake Car Speed on Snapchat photos and videos.

The Best Snapchat Cydia Tweak.

Stepwise Guide to Show Fake Car Speed On Snapchat

  • Launch Cydia On Your Jailbroken iPhone. Tap on Sources tab at the bottom.
  • Next up, tap on Edit from the top right hand corner.Tap on Add from the top left hand corner.Enter the URL of the repo  in the popup and then tap on Add Source.
  • Search for the Tweak – Phantom.
  • Click on Install and follow the OnScreen instructions.
  • Respring Springboard after installation is done.

Now you have the Cydia Tweak which will make it possible to change / Show Fake Car Speed on Snapchat. With this you can enjoy the application and surprise your friends.

You can download Snapchat Videos and photos.

So, Jailbreak your iPhone. Install the Cydia Tweak and Show Fake Car Speed on Snapchat.

Increase Instagram followers | Cydia tweak

Increase Instagram followers with a Cydia tweak. This Jailbreak trick will provide you Cydia tweak to increase Instaram followers. Simple trick will increase followers and likes and shares on the Instagram posts . This is also available for free.

The Jailbreak tweak will get you more followers on Instagram easily. Before you proceed , you need to have a Jailbroken iPhone. Click this link to know , how can you Jailbreak your iPhone.

Instagram is a popular photo sharing social media place. The Instagram is accessible using mobileapps and website. Instagram is owned by Facebook. A user creates Instagram account or can connect the Facebook profile. Other users on Instagram create account in the same way.

Increase Instagram followers | Cydia tweak
Increase Instagram followers

We get many requests to provide hacking tips for Instagram . Our users appreciated Trick to View Private Instagram user photos

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Increase Instagram followers | Get the Cydia tweak

The name for the Cydia tweak to Increase Instagram followers is Rocket. It is free of cost . You can install with a click.

Increase Instagram followers | Get the Cydia tweak 1
Increase Instagram followers | Get the Cydia tweak 1

Follow the following steps to increase Instagram followers-

  • Launch Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone / iPad.
  • Search for the Tweak – Rocket.
  • Click on install and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Respring Springboard after the installation is done.

Features of Rocket | Cydia tweak to increase instagram followers

Apart from solving the purpose of increasing your followers on Instagram , it also provides these many interesting features-

  1. Lets you save any Instagram photo or video to camera roll.
  2. You can view profile picture of any instagram user.
  3. Hide sponsored posts from Instagram feeds.
  4. Show on a user profile if user is following you or not.
  5. Hide read confirmation of Direct messages sent to you.
  6. Mute a particular user from showing in feed.
  7. Zoom in the instagram photos.

So , get quickly Rocket for Instagram and spoof your followers list. Increase the Instagram follower count and tease your friends. Let us know in case you face issues in installing the application. Do mention in comments section below , we will get back to you soon. You should also keep on using Jailbreak apps efficiently. I hope now you can continue to enjoy the trick to increase Instagram followers.