iPhone XR Depth Control

iPhone XR Depth Control. The Apple new iPhone XR offers a unique feature of depth control / depth of field. With this special effect, the photographs quality are enhanced to a greater extent. This latest apple feature makes the captured photographs sensational. This is something new in the iPhone when you compare it to other previous phone models.

iPhone XR Depth Control
iPhone XR Depth Control

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iPhone XR Depth Control

The iPhone XR Depth Control effect allows you to selectively blur out the captured photograph. This means you can blur out the depth of the field and you can sharpen the focus of the picture. This gives a DSLR like effect which gives you unbelievably good photographs.

Steps to use iPhone XR Depth Control

  1. First of all launch iPhone XR camera in portrait mode.
  2. Now, Select the button (f 5.0) on the top right corner of your phone.
  3. Change the depth of background by sliding the depth control bar that appears after tapping f5.0 button.
  4. Capture the image once you are satisfied with the blur effect.
  5. That’s it.

You can also edit the blur effect of the existing photographs.

To use Depth control on existing photographs, go to photos and open up the photograph you wish to apply effects on. Tap Edit and hit f5.0 button on top Change the blur effect using the depth control slider and that’s it. Save the image when the desired settings are achieved.

Infographics to explain the iPhone XR Depth control

iPhone XR Depth Control

iphone xr depth control 1

iphone xr depth control 2

I personally like this amazing iPhone XR feature. Believe me friends, this is the best phone camera ever created. You will surely like this.

If you have any specific question, just let me know. Do mention below in comments. I will get back to you soon.

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iCloud Windows 10 | iCloud for Windows 10

iCloud for Windows 10. This article will give you every detail about iCloud for Windows 10. This will give you every detail of iCloud for windows 10. From download to setup instructions, every detail will be available in this article. Apple provides cross platform apps for its devices. This makes the Apple dominant in the market. When you configure any Apple device, you create Apple ID which lets you sync all the services. This is very useful to keep your data on internet.

iCloud for Windows 10

icloud for windows 10 1
icloud for windows 10 1

Windows 10 is available and the world has many active users of the OS version. To get compatible iCloud software, people always search for this query. If you are absolutely new to Apple world, you can read what is iCloud in brief details.

What is iCloud

iCloud is a cloud computing Apple service which lets the users store the data on internet cloud. Data can be documents, chat backups, photos, music and other stuff. In fact it is possible to backup complete iPhone on iCloud. This becomes very helpful when you wish to upgrade your iPhone device.

Suppose, you plan to change your iPhone 7 to iPhone X. You will be able to get every data on your iPhone 7 to iPhone X with iCloud backup. This is really amazing feature which makes it hassle free to change your mobile phone.

Get iCloud for Windows 10 – Stepwise Tutorial

  1. First of all Download the setup of iCloud for Windows 10.
  2. After the download completes, click on install and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. Restart your computer after the installation is finished.
  4. Now open iCloud for windows 10.
  5. Enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
  6. Now you can access all the iCloud features on your windows 10 device.

Configure iCloud File explorer on Windows 10 Computer

icloud for windows 10
icloud for windows 10
  1. Open iCloud on your PC / Laptop.
  2. Login with your apple id and password.
  3. Select iCloud drive to sync the data.
  4. Now iCloud for Windows 10 will create an iCloud Drive folder in File Explorer.
  5. Use this folder to sync your content directly between your mobile and Windows 10 PC.

Sync iCloud data on all Apple devices

  • First of all Open iCloud for Windows and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks, then click Apply.
  • Now tap Settings > [your name] > iCloud and turn on Mail on your apple device ( for ios 10.2 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud).
  • To setup iCloud On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences click iCloud, then select Mail.
  • That’s it.

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Don’t ignore this. You can charge your iPhone battery faster by following these simple tips.


With iCloud for windows 10, you will be able to enjoy many exciting features by Apple inc. This will surely make your mobile phone experience a better than before one. If you get stuck anywhere in between, do not worry about that. Just drop me an email, i will get back to you soon. Till then enjoy the reading the super tricks.

What is Google Ad Balance in Google AdSense

Google Ad Balance in google Adsense is a brand new way of increasing the user experience and increase the Publisher earnings. With Google Adsense Ad balance you can actually control the limit of showing the low performing ads. The Google Ad Balance feature in Google Adsense comes with a Slider interface. This allows you to control the limit of Low quality ads on your blog or website. The interesting part is with the change in the limits of poor performing ads, it also shows the real time possible impact on your earnings. Accordingly you can optimize the Ads Display.

Ad balance | Google Adsense Ad balance Benefits google ad balance
Ad balance | Google Adsense Ad balance Benefits

Why This Google Ad Balance Feature in Google Adsense

Google Ad Balance in Google Adsense is a new way to optimize the google Ad performance. The reason is obviously clear that the Google wants to stay top in the market. There were days when Google Adsense was the only Pay Per Click Ad Network. Now with Taboola and Other agencies, Google Adsense is loosing the popularity. The Reason Google Adsense introduced Google Ad Balance is –

  1. To increase CPC as with other Competitors.
  2. To increase the Ad Quality so that it can meet the same standards as of Content Suggestion Ad Networks.
  3. Increase in User Engagement on Blog ads means increase in Google Revenue too.
  4. The Way to attract more and more Bloggers to stay committed to Google Adsense.

Benefits of Google Ad Balance to Users

Increase in User Engagement. Before this Most of the time Google Ads showed irrelevant ads. Many a times they were repeated. Mostly they are just useless file installations. Now only the ads with potential User engagement will display if the publisher configures the Settings of Google AdBalance accordingly. If you wish to read Google Ad Balance Benefits, You can refer to my previous article. It will help you know How the Google Ad Balance will benefit to increase your Google Adsense earnings.

Ad balance | Google Adsense Ad balance Benefits

Ad balance | Google Adsense Ad balance to Increase CPC. Google has launched a new concept of slider Adbalance/Ad Balance to optimize the user experience of ad viewing. The Official Adsense Site mentions that it will increase the user engagement and will help bloggers to earn more money comparatively. Actually with Google Adsense Ad Balance, there is a new slider interface which will help you optimize the Ads display. You can change the ads visibility and can check in real time how much impact it will create in your earnings. With the perfect ads, it will definitely increase your CPC and can let you earn more.

Ad balance | Google Adsense Ad balance Benefits
Ad balance | Google Adsense Ad balance Benefits

Even I have started using the Google Adsense Ad Balance on my website.

How To Use Google Adsense Ad Balance Slider

It is easy to use Google Adsense Ad Balance feature. Just follow the steps to Use Google Ad Balance in Google Adsense-

  1. Sign in to Your Google adsense account and check the left navigation pane.
  2. Click ‘My Ads’ section.
  3. Click on ‘Ad Balance’.
  4. You will get a slider interface to regulate number of ads display.
  5. A Second slider will show the impact due to changed Ad Balance Settings on your earnings.
  6. That’s it. With your desired value and analysis, you can apply the changes.

Benefits Of Google Adsense Ad Balance

  1. It will increase user experience.
  2. Enhanced User Experience will increase user engagement.
  3. Increased user engagement will directly increase the earnings.
  4. Also, with the high quality ads, there will be notable increase in CPC.
  5. The Less Display ads will also increase the page Loading speed.

Finally, Google is introducing a way to optimize the CPC. You will have the control on the ads display. Previously it used to be an option to filter out and block the ad sources which was a tedious task. Now, with a slider interface it is easy to optimize User Experience with Google Adsense Ad Balance.