Top Drupal Alternatives

Top Drupal Alternatives | Drupal CMS Alternatives

Top Drupal Alternatives | Drupal CMS Alternatives. This post will give best alternative for Drupal.Drupal is currently the second most popular Content Management System after WordPress. It powers almost 3% of the World Websites.

Top Drupal Alternatives
Top Drupal Alternatives

When you say 3%, percentage looks small but think if there are millions of blogs and websites, how many are developed on Drupal.

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With Drupal it is better to create websites rather than Blogs. The extensions available with Joomla are quiet more and practical.

Top Drupal Alternatives

  1. WordPress

    Top Drupal Alternatives - wordpress
    Top Drupal Alternatives – wordpress

    WordPress is the most powerful and popular CMS for powering websites. Almost 30% of the total active websites are with WordPress. WordPress has no competition for Blogging for beginners.

    If you are planning to start a blog, WordPress is definitely the best CMS available to you. WordPress is highly interactive and easy to start for Beginners. Once you get into the Blogging world and wish to explore more, you can try out with many other available options.

    But for creating the websites, i don’t recommend using WordPress. It does not have many extensions available for building the sites.

  2. Umbraco

    5 Alternative CMS Solutions To Joomla umbraco
    5 Alternative CMS Solutions

    Umbraco is one of the top most installed CMS by the users.
    It is built on the popular Microsoft .NET Framework. It is free to use and easy to install. Drupal has tough competition for building websites with Umbraco and Not wordpress.
    As I said, WordPress is good for blogs for Beginners, But if you are planning to build a bigger website, you can try Umbraco.

  3. Joomla

    Top Drupal Alternatives
    Top Drupal Alternatives

    Joomla is a new trend for building websites, especially the e-commerce ones. It supports tremendous integrations and support plugins for shopping websites.
    Joomla is free to install and is possible to get with single clicks on the hosting servers.

  4. OpenCart

    Top Drupal Alternatives opencart
    Top Drupal Alternatives opencart

    Opencart is quite easy and one of the best way to build Shopping websites. The Themes for Opencart are extremely light and loads faster. the stuffs like e-commerce has huge code and hence high loading time.
    But if you wish yo index your e-commerce website on top, you should try using Opencart instead of Drupal.

  5. GetSimple

    Top Drupal Alternatives get simple
    Top Drupal Alternatives get simple

    GetSimple is an XML based CMS that has a brilliant user interface which is extremely simple to use.

    It is not so popular but I feel GetSimple offers enough to stand out from the crowd.

Alternatives to Drupal | Top Drupal Alternatives

These are the top 5 alternatives to Drupal, but actually speaking there are hundreds available in the market. These are the best ones. You can actually rely on their technology and site authority.

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Which CMS are you using? Do you prefer Drupal or a Drupal alternative? Let us know in the comments!

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