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Tumblr Audio Download | Tumblr Audio Download / Songs Download

Tumblr Audio Download. Download Tumblr Audio clips or media. Yes, with this you can get the Tumblr Audio download for free on mac as well as windows PC. Tumblr is a popular social media platform, which helps users to create and share blogs. People on Tumblr Follow the content of their choice and make it a great medium to share. Many users share media including Audo, Songs, Mp3 and others. Many a times it happens that people like some content on Tumblr and wish to download. But Tumblr Officially does not give you a download button to solve the purpose. Rather, there is a tricky way which can let you download the Tumblr Audio Files easily.

Tumblr Audio Download
Tumblr Audio Download

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Steps to get the Tumblr Audio Download

  1. Open Your Browser and open the Tumblr URL and play the same from where you have to download the Audio file.
  2. Now Right click on the Audio Player and Choose Inspect Element.
  3. Find for the Code – <audio preload=”auto”>. 
  4. Expand the code and copy the path given in “Src” tag.
  5. Open a new Browser Window and paste the copied URL.
  6. Your song will start downloading from the Tumblr.

Note – If in case automatic download does not start for you, right click on the new window page and select “Save Target File / Save Audio As”. Now give the Directory path where you wish to save the download.

Steps to Download Tumblr Audio or Songs on Mobile

  • First of all install UC Browser on your mobile device.
  • Now on your computer, open Browser with the audio page.
  • Right Click and View Source code.
  • Find for the Code – <audio preload=”auto”> and then copy the URL in Src Tag.
  • Now share this URL on your mobile device via email or facebook or any medium.
  • Copy and Paste the URL in UC Browser Window.
  • Your Song Download will start.

To download Tumblr songs, you might get many other options, but i strictly recommend not to use them. When it is all officially available why do you need to go for something else.
Also important thing here is that you can download the audio from Tumblr. If somebody has shared some third party website link. Then you may get the source URL from that. But it depends on that database if it will work or not. I hope you will try the way, I recommend to download the songs from tumblr directly on Computer. Then you can sync with your phone.

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