How to buy Chia Coin

Buying Chia Coin (XCH Coin) from every corner of the world

Hey Guys !! Chia coin is the new crypto trend and here we will quickly guide you to purchase it for yourself.

How to buy Chia Coin

How to buy Chia Coin

  1. First sign up for free Okex account. (Click here)
  2. After setting up your account, go to trade section.
  3. Look for Chia coin (XCH).
  4. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase and proceed to payment.
  5. Pay using USDT / BTC / Your local currency.
  6. That is it. You will get Chia coins in your virtual wallet.

Important – There are many other crypto exchanges which sell XCH coin, but Okex is the best and most reliable out of them all.

If you face problems or you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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