find pokemon without moving
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Find Pokemon without moving | Cydia Tweak

Find Pokemon without moving. This Cydia tweak for iPhone will allow Pokemon Go Players to play Pokemon Go without going out. You can actually search and capture/Get Pokemons without going anywhere physically/actually moving. They will be fixed on their GPS Position but still be able to locate Pokemons.

find pokemon without moving
find pokemon without moving

Pokemon Go is a Popular Game developed on the concept of Geo Positioning of the Player. It uses a Map navigation where the player moves in a Game as per its real location. While the player moves, he searches for the other Characters in the game. The Characters are available on different locations electronically.

The game player moves in reality and captures the Game characters electronically.

The game user moves from one place to another and as per the coordinates he will find Characters/Pokemons in electronic mode. The game requires Internet connection.

Sometimes People want to play Pokemon Go without going out in reality. This Jailbreak tweak will solve your purpose.

You can Find Pokemon without moving with this tweak:

You need to have a Jailbroken iPhone before you proceed. You can click the below link to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Click here to read the stepwise guide to Jailbreak your iPhone.

PokemonGoAnywhere | Cydia tweak to Find Pokemon without moving:

You need to install a Cydia tweak. Tweak is named PokemonGoAnywhere. This will allow you to fin Pokemon without moving. You can get the Tweak installed in your iPhone with the simple steps-

  1. Launch Cydia on Your iPhone.
  2. Search for the tweak PokemonGoAnywhere.
  3. It will be under BYA Repo for free.
  4. Click on install and follow the on screen instructions.
  5. Respring springboard after installation is done.
  6. If BYA Repo does not work for your iPhone. Try with

Once you have this tweak installed, which we will show you how to get it in a minute, enter the game and tap on anywhere you want to go to. This isn’t a spoof location mod; it doesn’t let you instantly jump from one place to another. It will only let you tap on the map.

Features PokemonGoAnywhere:

Below are the features which you can get from Pokemon GO ++ tweak.

  • Tap map to move player in the Pokemon Go application.
  • No need to wait to capture a Pokemon. If you see a pokemon , just tap a location near to it. You will be there.
  • Free of cost.
  • Saves your time.
  • You can fight without being physically present at Pokestops.

So install the PokemonGoAnywhere and find pokemon without moving.

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