forever 21 hack

Forever 21 data under attack

Forever 21 data is under attack. The latest hack trend is the Forever 21 Hack. The Forever 21 Card hack has shared the public card data and is very dangerous. This Forever 21 Hack reveals the customer transaction details. So, instead of wasting time, lets read what the Hack is all about.

forever 21 hack
forever 21 hack

What is Forever 21 Hack

Forever 21 has reported an “unauthorized access” to data from payment cards used at some of its locations. The breach affects transactions made between March and October this year at its stores. The fashion retailer operates over 815 stores in 57 countries, making it a potential mega breach.

The hack has made the company think seriously about their customer data. They want that the customers should closely monitor their payment card statements. If customers see an unauthorized charge, they should immediately notify the bank that issued the card. Payment card network rules generally state that cardholders are not responsible for such charges

What the company says about the Forever 21 Hack

The clothing retailer revealed on Tuesday that hackers may’ve been able to scoop up customers’ payment card data at certain stores during a good chunk of the year. Point of sale devices were compromised at as-yet-unnamed locations from March to October,

Forever 21 results

The results of forever 21 hack were part of an investigation Forever 21 started after it received a third-party report suggesting the unauthorized access. The Los Angeles-based company said the probe was focused on transactions made at its stores between March and October of this year, and that since the investigation was ongoing, it could not give complete findings.

Earlier this year, Forever 21 partnered with mall owner GGP Inc. to introduce a new freestanding brick-and-mortar store dubbed Riley Rose. With the opening of this new store, which already has 13 locations at GGP malls, the retailer will have the opportunity to experiment and focus more on social media-friendly millennials.


It is very important how you shop. This is a bigger brand and still it is at risk. Think if you are shopping at local stores, how risky it can be. We recommend you certain shopping tips so that you can avoid your loss in such incidences.

Tips to avoid loss in Scenarios like Forever 21 problem

  • Never Shop from Websites without https.
  • Do not click spam urls.
  • Do not save your card details.
  • Avoid using Wi-Fi for Shoppings.
  • Use Virtual Credit cards for safe transactions.

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