How Does Snapmap Work
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How Does Snapmap Work

Everybody is asking How does Snapmap work. Is it tough to answer, how does Snapmap Work. Everybody is searching for this query. Lets find out, Recently launched Snapchat Snapmap feature is the new trend in Social Media. If you do not know What is Snapmap all about, you should check my previous article – What is Snapmap and how to use it?

How Does Snapmap Work
How Does Snapmap Work

How Does Snapmap Work

Snapmap uses your current GPS location, maps it with your Snapchat images and when you share the stories with your friends, you share it along with the GPS satellite coordinates. Phewwww, is it going too technical? Let me tell you in a layman language.

  • You Click Images using Snapchat.
  • GPS coordinates of your position gets associated with your clicked snap.
  • When you share the stories with your mates, you share two things – Image + GPS coordinate.
  • The data is also collected by Snapchat. Using this data, the software creates Bitmoji and other details.
  • The Snapchat shares a map to other Snapchat users and they see the details like map holders.

You can control who is able to view the Snapmap. Click here to read How can you block somebody else to See your Snapmap.

Why Snapchat is introducing Snapmap Feature

When Snapchat started, it started a single kind of app. Later, Snapchat started getting tough competition from Instagram and Facebook. This move is an intelligent take to get the users stick to use their app. Now, it is expected that Facebook and Instagram will be releasing an update to compete with the latest Snapchat Feature.

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So guys, I am sure you will definitely like the new feature. Share my article if you like it. Thanks for sticking to Techcheater.

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