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Download Bhim App iOS. BHIM App is officially government launched e payment mobile gateway in India. Bhim app iOS is available for free download. PM, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, officially declared the use of Indian Origin Mobile Wallet. Actually, after Demonetization, promoting E Wallets is the key priority of Indian Government. India was using the wallet services which were non Indian and non governmental.

Download Bhim App iOS
Download Bhim App iOS

It was sincere concern of the Government of India, why to pay Foreign E Wallet Providers for making transactions in India. The interesting thing is BHIM app is not an E – Wallet, rather it is an interface which helps you send money from One account to other. The interface does not store your money with them. Your money is with your bank and you will get the interest on your money as normal. This is not there when you use E Wallets.

What is BHIM App iOS

When user expands BHIM, It means as Bharat Interface for Money. As the name says, it is just an interface to make ease of payments. There is no transaction charge for transferring amount from INR 1 to INR 1 Lakh. Isn’t it great. I know it is the best thing a customer can expect from government.

Benefits of BHIM App

If you use Bharat Interface for Money your money remains in your bank itself. But if you use the E Wallets, you send the money to their account and they just provide you an electronic way to use your money when you want. But suppose if you keep some amount in E Wallet and spend it after an year, you will get 0 % interest.But if you use BHIM to pay money, you will be able to get bank benefits, like Savings interest every time. Also, this interface allows you to send money to other users, who don’t even use this interface. You can directly make a transaction like IMPS or NEFT using the Gateway. But in Case of E Wallets, you can send money to other user who uses the same E Wallet.

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