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Buy Ripple in India | How to buy Ripple in India

Buy Ripple in India. This article will guide you to buy ripple in India. To buy xrp in India, you can trade using INR. Yes, with Indian Rupees you can buy Ripple in India. I will guide you with a way to purchase ripple with Indian Currency. Ripple is gaining a lot of popularity all over the globe and is one of the top 3 cryptocoins. I personally own ripple and recommend it to you guys as well.

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Buy Ripple in India

buy ripple in india signup
buy ripple in india signup

Ripple is the cryptocoin which handles the payment network within the banks. Most of the international banks are partnering with Ripple and are using xrp coins for making the transactions globally. Most of the experts believe that the ripple is going to be the future of all payment network and this is the right time to invest in it.

Instead of listing out 5 different exchanges, i will just provide you the best available platform to buy Ripple in India. Also, i will list a single alternate way. I do not want to confuse you and have multiple accounts on different platforms.

Steps to Buy Ripple in India

  1. Create and Verify Account on Koinex

    • Open your browser and go to official Koinex site.
    • Enter the personal details and create your account.
    • Once your account is created, complete your KYC by providing AADHAR and PAN details.
    • Enter your bank account information to transfer Indian Rupee funds.
    • Koinex will verify your account details within 7 days.
  2. Deposit Indian Rupees in your Koinex Wallet

    buy ripple in india payment deposits
    buy ripple in india payment deposits

    You can deposit the Indian Rupees in your wallet using either of the following ways –

    • Deposit fund in Koinex wallet using Bank account

      You can deposit Indian rupees to wallet from the bank account you provided at the time of account creation. This takes time for the transfer to happen. But important thing here to note is that this does not involve any transaction charge for the transfers. You can deposit the amount and can proceed to buy ripple in india after your amount is added.

    • Deposit funds in Koinex wallet using Payment gateway

      This method is instantaneous and you get the indian rupees quickly in your wallet. This is suitable when you immediately want to buy the coins from koinex. Sadly, but it requires you to pay transaction charges. As per my experience this is the best way to deposit funds in koinex wallet.

  3. Pay to Buy Ripple in India

    buy ripple in india payment trade
    buy ripple in india payment trade

    Now select Ripple on upper right side and you will get access to buy ripple. Enter the number of ripple coins you wish to purchase in trade section and Proceed to pay the deposited indian currency and in return you will get ripple coins for yourself.

Benefits of Buying ripple in India

  • Ripple is the future as global banks are investing in the cryptocurrency.
  • It is quite cheap to invest when you compare it with BTC. With lesser investment you can expect good returns.
  • It is not anonymous and has an owner, so it has better vissibility to its customers.

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Alternative Way – If Koinex registrations are closed, then you can buy ripple from Binance exchange. I will share details of using binance to buy ripple in india.


You can buy ripple in India from Koinex. Koinex is not a crypto exchange rather it is a market place. Exchanges lets you buy crypto coins using BTC. To trade in exchanges, you have to deposit bitcoins from third party platforms and the proceed to buy ripple. With Koinex you will be able to directly transact indian rupees with ripple.

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