Enable the Apple ID

How to Enable your Apple ID | Enable your Apple ID

Enable apple ID. If you have recently locked your Apple ID, or it is disabled, you can enable / reenable the same Apple ID again. The process is simple and needs your specific attention.

Enable the Apple ID
Enable the Apple ID

Apple ID lets the user access any Apple device. No matter which Apple Electronic product you buy, you can access with an Apple ID. If you have multiple devices, the single Apple ID will map your saved settings same across all the devices.

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Enable Your Apple ID

You might get the need to enable the Apple ID because of many reasons. The error message you get might be from the following:

  1. Too many attempted sign-ins.
  2. This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.
  3. This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.
  4. Your Apple ID has been disabled.
  5. You can’t sign in because your account has been disabled for security reasons.
  6. Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction.

If you are getting any of the above error, do not worry. We have 100% working solution for you.

How to Enable your Apple ID

To Enable your Apple ID, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First Try to log in to your account via a web browser
  • The second thing that you have to check is that you do not have any outstanding / unpaid balance with the. If you have unpaid charge, just pay them.
  • After paying the charges, Wait for at least 8 hours for your Apple ID to start functioning again
  • If that does not work, Check that your iDevice’s Restrictions are OFF. If they are OK, please proceed to next step.
  • Reset the password on Apple’s password site, then log out & log in back into iCloud.
  • You can also Login to iforgot to authenticate your ID with your email or by answering security questions and re gain the Apple ID access.
  • Still if nothing happens, it is better to Contact Apple support.


The cause of the error are many. It can be due to the reason that you have entered the wrong password too many times in a row or not having used an Apple ID for a long time. And usually, when your Apple ID is disabled it’s not someone trying to hack your account, but rather you get yourself locked out because of a forgotten password.

Might be possible, that you have an outstanding charge or any disputed charges on Apple’s iTunes or App Store. This can also lead to deactivation of Apple ID. In this case, you have to pay the pending amount to enable your Apple ID.

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