Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS
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Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS | Use iPhone as Spy Cam

Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS: Use your iPhone as a Spy Camera. Here is your most awaited Hidden Cam Tweak in iOS devices. This is a simple and unique tweak that can be easily understood.

The name of this tweak is “QuickShoot Pro 2“. With QuickShoot Pro 2 you not only can take hidden pictures but also sometimes will ensure you never miss out on a photo opportunity just  because you were waiting for a camera app to launch.

Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS
Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS

Features of QuickShoot Pro 2 : Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS

  • It enables you to capture photos and videos directly from the home screen.
  • You can also configure Activator shortcuts for them, for ultimate speed. This tweak is easily customizable(there is a setting for nearly everything you can think of).
  • To make things even better, there is also a handy options window that can be configured to appear via an Activator shortcut, which allows you to toggle HDR, change the camera, and customize the flash settings without ever entering the settings app.
  • QuickShoot Pro 2 completely supports all devices running iOS7 including the newer 64-bit devices, but if you are having iPhone 4 it will not support or may crash. So there are several tweaks like this for example “StealthCam” which can be an alternative to QuickShoot Pro2.


Before you proceed , you must have Jailbroken iPhone. Click this link to Jailbreak IPHONE .

Here are the Steps to get this tweak for FREE :

  • You can Install this tweak for FREE under Bite Your Apple Repo.
  • Install the tweak and Respring your device.
  • Then go to settings>QuickShoot Pro 2.
Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS
Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS
  • Here you customize this tweak using Activator.
  • Here is your tweak ready to click some pictures secretly.

Jailbreak tweak to Hack Snapchat. You can Snapchat Photos with this tweak.

You might also be interested in hacking your WhatsApp. You can Pause your Whatsapp last seen. Even if you are using Whatsapp , other users will see a different last seen set by you.

Enjoy this tweak 😉 . Use the Hidden Cam Tweak In iOS

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