Send PDF in Whatsapp

Send PDF in Whatsapp – Stepwise Guide

Hey Techie Friends, how are you. Here i am up with a guide to send PDF in Whatsapp. You can share/send PDF files on Whatsapp for free. Whatsapp messenger is the best and the most widely used Instant Messaging application. Facebook inc., owns the Whatsapp messenger.

Send PDF in Whatsapp
Send PDF in Whatsapp

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Sometimes, it happens that you need to share PDF files instantly. Email is one of the popular way of sharing the PdF documents, But think how beneficial it is if you can instantly access the PDF file from the most used App in your phone.

How to Send PDF in Whatsapp

  • Launch Whatsapp and open the chat.
  • Tap on the Options Symbol ( ‘+’ is iPhone and ‘three dots – :’ in Android).
  • Select Document option.
  • Select the desired PDF document which you want to send.
  • That’s it.

The best thing is when you have to send PDF in Whatsapp to other contact, you can select the document directly from your Google Drive Or iCloud. Also, the features are available absolutely free.

Benefits of Using Whatsapp to Share Documents

There are many options of sharing the documents. Most trusted and reliable is Whatsapp. Here are the reasons, why I prefer Whatsapp while sharing the documents.

  1. It is end to end encrypted. Documents (PDFs and Word) are safe.
  2. It is the most used app, so you most important apps are accessible with an ease.
  3. You do not have to pay for anything.
  4. It is fast.
  5. It is available for all platforms (Windows/iOS,Android).

The above mentioned guide will also help you to share other formats of Documents too. You can share locations, Contacts etc. Isn’t it great? You will be amazed to know many exciting features about Whatsapp. Sooner, I will be writing a way where you can use Whatsapp messenger to save your Visiting Cards.


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