How to merge two Whatsapp groups

How to merge two Whatsapp groups

This article will help you out to combine two whatsapp groups into one and merge the group members together. All the group members will be able to send / receive messages.

How to merge two Whatsapp groups into one

1. Create new Whatsapp group

First thing to do is to create a new Whatsapp group where members of both the groups will connect. To create a new group, just click the “New Group” button, add a single new member and proceed to complete group creation.

2. Copy the Group joining Link

Now once the group is created, tap on the group and click on “ Invite via Group link”. If any body clicks on this link, that person will be asked to join the group. Copy this url.

3. Share the group link on the older Whatsapp groups

Now once the link is copied, you have to share it with older group members though Whatsapp. Ask every member to connect in the new group.

4. Delete the older groups

Once all the members are connected in new group, you can delete the older groups.

5. That’s it

Now you will have 2 group members in one single group.

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