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2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone | 2 Whatsapp accounts

Trick will enable you to use / run 2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone with and without Jailbreak. Whatsapp Accounts stats show that Whatsapp is the most downloaded Instant Messaging application for Smartphones. There is no need to explain What is Whatsapp or How is Whatsapp changing the world. Prior to this article we have shared many posts guiding you to Hack Whatsapp Features.

2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone home icon
2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone home icon

You can Freeze Whatsapp last seen.

Share songs on iPhone in Whatsapp.

Notify if somebody views your profile on Whatsapp.

Trick to use 2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone

Without Jailbreak – Recommended Method

  • First of all get the tweakbox app in your iPhone.
  • Now go to the settings and trust the profile certificates.
  • Open the Tweakbox app and search for the Tweak “Duplicate Whatsapp”.
  • Click install and proceed with the on screen instructions.
  • You will get a new icon of whatsapp now. Configure the second account and start using it.

I strongly recommend to use Tweakbox to run multiple whatsapp accounts. The reason is it is installed in minutes. The best thing is you can remove the app whenever you want in minutes too. It will not impact your warranty of the device.

With Jailbreak

With this you can actually use 2 Whatsapp accounts in same iPhone without logging out the first. At the same time you will be accessing the different whatsapp accounts in same device. Isn’t it interesting? I feel it is one of the best utility trick what a user can install on iPhone. But before you proceed, let me tell you that this trick works only for Jailbroken iPhones. You can easily Jailbreak your iPhone with the below guide.

Click here to read stepwise guide to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Stepwise guide to Use 2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone

  • Launch Cydia On Your Jailbroken Phone.
  • Go to Cydia>Manage>Sources and then tap on Edit followed by Add and enter : http://repo.biteyourapple.net/
  • Search for the Tweak Slices.

    2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone
    2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone finally
  • Click on Install and follow the On Screen instructions.
  • Respring Springboard after installation completes.
  • Go To Settings and search for Slices.
  • Search Whatsapp and enter the multiple Login information.
  • That’s it. Launch Whatsapp and there will be an option to open the app using your default account or the clone account.

The Cydia Trick is free to use and can be installed easily. Just search and install the app. There are many other Noteworthy tricks available too. I feel now you will be able to get multiple Whatsapp running. If you get stuck anywhere while proceeding with the mentioned steps, don’t worry, just write down below in comments or mail us. We will get in touch with you soon. Even if you have other queries you can mail them too. Till then enjoy using 2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone.

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