How to Restart iPhone XS

How to Restart iPhone XS

Restart iPhone XS. If you have recently got the new iPhone XS or iPhone XS max, and you have a question “How to Restart Iphone XS”, this guide is for you. Sometimes it happens that because of some or other reason, you have to restart your mobile device. The new Apple product is available for sale all over the world.

How to Restart iPhone XS
How to Restart iPhone XS

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How to Restart iPhone XS

There are 2 very popular ways to restart your iPhone XS again. Both the steps are easy and will do the required thing in minutes. Here are the details.

Steps to Restart iPhone XS using Settings without using volume button

  • First of all Open the Settings -> General.
  • Now Scroll down to the bottom and tap Shut Down.
  • Press the side button on the right side of the phone to turn it back on.
  • That’s it.

Steps to restart iPhone XS using Volume Button

This method is very fast and works the best. Even if your phone gets stuck, this method will work with a surety. Here are the steps that you have to follow to restart your iPhone XS or iPhone XS max.

  1. Press the Power Button and Volume Up Button together.
  2. Check when the iPhone gets off without removing your hand out of any button.
  3. Continue holding both the buttons until you see the Apple Logo.
  4. Once you see the Logo, wait for he iPhone to Show the normal display screen.
  5. That’s it.


If you are restarting the iPhone and it is stuck in black screen mode, you should try this method that will assist you to rectify screen freeze problem on iPhone XS.

iPhone XS is a successor to iPhone X. iPhone X was not a big success but the company is seeking a great output from this model.

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