How to Close apps on iPhone XS

How to Close apps on iPhone XS | iPhone XS Max

Close apps on iPhone XS. This guide will assist you to close apps on iPhone iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. 10s is latest Apple product and comes with a brother iPhone XS Max. Using it is somehow different, especially the way you close the open or running apps. The new iPhone XS does not have a physical home button and until iPhone X. Older devices required press of home button and then closing of the apps.

How to Close apps on iPhone XS
How to Close apps on iPhone XS

Now when your phone Hardware is different the process gets different.

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Close Apps on iPhone XS

The iPhone apps which you open and minimise remain open in the background. You should close them to reduce the processor usage. This will in turn speed up your iPhone a bit and will reduce the battery consumption. As the iPhone XS does not have the Home button, it is somewhat tricky to close apps on iPhone XS.

Steps to Close Apps on iPhone XS

  1. Unlock your iPhone and swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. A layout of open apps will appear.
  3. Move up the running app cards to end the app process.
  4. That’t it. You are done.

Repeat the steps until you see the home button. Same works for Apple iPhone XS Max as well.

The above steps can also be performed using assistive touch. The assistive touch can be accessed from the screen and you can use the option to press Home button.

Note: When you quit any application, do not worry if you want it to run in background. In the background they will keep on performing the activities as per their configured settings. For example, even if you stop the Whatsapp, you will still receive the Whatsapp message notifications if anybody sends you the message.

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