Open apk File on PC

Open apk file on PC | How to open apk file on PC

Open apk file on PC. You can run apk file on PC / computer / laptop very easily using simple trick. To Open any apk file on PC / Run apk files on PC you do not have to pay money. The trick is free and just needs 1o minutes to start. For those, who do not know details about apk, guys, apk is a file that is Android OS uses. All the android apps come with apk extension.

Open apk Files on PC
Open apk Files on PC

Most of the readers do not have android phones, but they wish that they can also play or run apk file. Most of us have computers at home. Friends, you can run apk file on PC. You don’t have to worry for this free tutorial. so, just sit and come with a cup of tea. you will be able to open apk file on your PC after this. Lets proceed.

Open Apk File on PC Stepwise Tutorial:

  1. Open your computer browser and download the Bluestacks using this link.
  2. Now install and setup the bluestacks emulator like you proceed setting up any android phone (Follow the on screen instructions for reference).
  3. After the setup completes, you can open the play store and search for the apps.
  4. To open apk file on PC, go to the file location, right click and open it with Bluestacks.
  5. That’s it. You will be able to open and enjoy the app on your PC.

This will let you run the apk file on PC. But if you specifically wants to view the apk file content, you can rename the file in zip format and then unzip the contents. Also, you can use Android studio for that. I will share a article for this too.

Bluestacks Details : Emulator that will let you open apk file on PC

open apk file on PC using Bluestacks
open apk file on PC using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a free emulator that lets you install and open apk file on PC. When the virtual world was new there were limited softwares for the emulation environment. Now Bluestacks is the most downloaded Android emulator that lets the user to use the android apk packages on their computers. You can install Bluestacks on windows as well as mac computers. It might happen that bluestacks give some problem in installation. The issues sometimes take a time to proceed. Do not worry in that case. Here i am listing out some common Bluestacks issues that happen and the way to fix them.

Common Bluestacks installation error fix to help installing and let you open apk file on PC

Error in retrieving information from server

To fix this issue –

  1. Open Bluestacks.
  2. Go to Settings ~> Applications ~> Manage Applications ~> Select All.
  3. Find and tap on Google Play Store ~> Force Stop.
  4. Clear Data ~> OK.
  5. Back, find, force stop and clear data of Google Service Framework.
  6. Reboot your device and it should be ok now!

Black Screen Stuck in Bluestacks installation:

The most common is Bluestacks Black Screen Error. I have shared the article before to fix this issue. You can refer the details that will let you fix Black screen issue in Bluestacks and you will be able to Play Mini Militia on Laptop after that.

Installing Bluestacks without Graphics card

Bluestacks give problems while you install it on a computer without a dedicated graphics card. In that case you have to trick the installation procedure and proceed in a particular pattern. I have one more article with the stepwise procedure that will let you install Bluestacks without Graphics card.

Benefits of using Bluestacks to open apk file on PC

benefits when you Open apk File on PC using bluestsacks
benefits when you Open apk File on PC using bluestsacks
  • The Bluestacks emulator is available on both windows and mac.
  • It is absolutely free to use.
  • Instead of downloading apks and running on PC, you can search for the apk file on Play store using bluestacks.
  • Bluestacks is a spam free emulator and it can reduce the risk of malware.
  • The trust of Bluestacks will give an extra advantage to rely on a reputed emulator rather than some other third party software or application.
  • This lets you overcome the limitation of availability of important apps on windows platforms.

Do we have any other Bluestack alternative to open apk file on PC

Yes, there are many open source applications and emulators that will let you install apk files on PC. I will soon write a detailed article for this. But for now, you can have a look at the names and basic details about them –

  • Andy Android Emulator
  • Nox APP Player
  • Windroy (WindowsAndroid)
  • MEmu
  • Genymotion
  • Droid4X
  • Leapdroid

Apart from using the emulators, you can download the exe files of the apk apps you wish to run. I do not recommend this method. There is a lack of trust on the free lancer developers. They might use backend scripts in their executable files which might take out some sensitive information from your computer. When you have such a reputed service provider which can let you open apk file on PC without paying a penny, i think you do not have to look for any other alternative.

FAQs about Opening apk file on PC

Can i use File Manager to View apk file contents?

No you can not directly use file manager to view the contents. but if you rename the apk file to “.zip” extension, you can use the File manager to view apk files.

Is it possible to use Bluestacks on MAC to open apk files

Yes, Bluestacks is available on MAC OS as well. This will let you open and run the apk files on Apple MAC OS PC and laptops.

How much i have to spend to use my Mobile app on my PC

With Bluestacks you do not have to pay anything to use your mobile app on your computer. The emulator is free to use and easy to install.

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Important About the Article:

This article to help you open the apk file on pc is one of the top searches and the most appreciated one. Also, you can view the contents of apk file on your computer. APK file is a compressed format file and you can see the package details. To do that, you can rename the apk file to a different file with “.zip” extension. Once you do that, you can unzip the contents using any available software package in your computer. This will let you view the apk file contents in the package. The package files run on the Android OS.

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So friends, i hope you will enjoy the apk file experience on PC. I am sure this article solves your query of installing and opening apk files on PC.

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