Patanjali 5G Sim

Patanjali 5G Sim | Patanjali 5G Mobile Sim – Fake Or Real

Patanjali 5G Sim | Patanjali 5G Mobile Sim – Fake Or Real. Patanjali is an India Based FMCG, which is rumored to launch Patanjali 5G Sim cards. I will try to figure out and explain out the real situation. I will put the facts and figures, may be then, you will be able to make out the reality.

Patanjali 5G Sim
Patanjali mobile 5G Sim

Patanjali 5G Sim Rumors are All Fake

Social Media has almost every kind of users. Think of any person, every shit you can imagine is available on Social Networks. This is the reason why Patanjali 5G Sim is the most trending Faking News of recent times. People are just spreading the stuff, that to compete with Pioneer Mobile Operators, Baba Ramdev is set to Launch his 5G Mobile Service in India.

They Believe that after launch of Patanjali 5G Sim, the mobile operators are going to reduce their prices of operation. How ridiculously they are spreading the news.

As per the Official Sources, Baba Ramdev has clearly denied about their launch of Patanjali 5G Sim. As per the interviewer, he laughed at the question when asked about the rumour.

Why Is it Not Possible that Patanjali 5G Sim is soon to launch

It is undoubtedly clear that Baba Ramdev is not going to launch Patanjali 5G Sim because the TRAI has not released the 5G Spectrum usage policy. When a telecom operator operates, it uses a frequency band. A particular band of frequency is for 5G spectrum. Out of that, government of India divides the band further and allocates the subset to Mobile operators. First thing is, the bidding for 5G spectrum has not been conducted yet, then how come Patanjali is going to launch 5G sim in India. Also, when the Jio has captured the market, there is no market strategy to capture people and convince them to buy a new SIM card.

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So guys, just stop believing the rumors, use your wise brain. You can judge better. And yes, Think, What if you were Baba Ramdev, what you could have done for Selling Patanjali Sim Cards. With Jio as a prime Market holder now, what do you think can be the best way to convince users to buy Patanjali 5G sim cards. Drop down your comments, it will be interesting to discuss.

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