Peer Certificate Cannot be Authenticated

Peer Certificate Cannot be Authenticated. This is the latest problem that most of our readers are getting with the Cydia impactor when they are trying to use Saurik Cydia impactor on Windows machine. The error is – “http-win.cpp:158” or “provision.cpp:158” when people are installing any IPA file using the Cydia impactor. With this article we will tell you the way to rectify this problem.

For those who do not know the details of this tool, i will give you a quick intro. The Cydia Impactor tools helps the users to install the IPA files of the apps on the iPhone. The IPA files or codes adds up an extra functionality to the existing application. For eg, the Whatsapp IPA will let you use many features which are not available to users normally, like freezing of Whatsapp last seen.

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What is the Peer Certificate Cannot be Authenticated error

It is a error that comes when a user installs the cydia impactor on a windows machine. The software becomes not capable to verify the SSL error and alerts the user to correct this.

The problem says –

“http-win.cpp:158 Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”

Reason for this error

I do not have answer to this question. But the error is common in windows computers. All the windows OS versions including Windows 7, windows 10, windows xp has recent reports of the issue.

How to Fix Peer Certificate Cannot be Authenticated Error in Cydia Impactor

Interesting thing here to note is that it is a specific problem to only one version of the impactor. This behaves differently for windows only. If you use the same software tool on MAC, it will work fine. If you are a Apple lover, you can install the MAC OS on Windows computer as well. I will share the link for this soon. Till then, you can install the IPA files with the new Cydia impactor.

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