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Addicted Phantom user , Try Snapchat Phantom Alternative tweak : Snapchat +

Addicted Phantom user , Try Snapchat Phantom Alternative tweak : Snapchat + :  We have reviewed Phantom before. But our readers have complaint many a times that Phantom is not stable for their IOS version. Particularly for their concern of application crashing , we are providing you a good alternative for Phantom.

This post is for those IOS Jailbreak Users who face Phantom Tweak Crash in their Jailbreak. 

Actually speaking , till IOS 8 end , Phantom has been really stable . But for latest IOS Versions , we have got many readers complaining about the crashing of the Snapchat Application after the tweak Phantom. So that’s why , we are writing to provide you phantom alternative tweak.

phantom alternative
phantom alternative

There is no point of explaining Snapchat Application again. We have been elaborating and explaining about the same since we started this blog. But if you are a new visitor you can click the below link to know Snapchat and The unidentified Cheats of Snapchat.

Click here to know about interesting Snapchat Feature – Snapchat Memories

Here are the features for Snapchat Phantom Alternative – Snapchat + Features

  • It disables snap countdown and view receipt.
  • It lets you spoof Snapchat settings.
  • The jailbreak tweak disables screenshot log.
  • The Cydia tweak disables the shutter sound.
  • This tweak provides Auto save snaps.
  • It enables you to Save chat messages.

Stepwise guide to Install Snapchat + on your iphone : Phantom Alternative

  1. Before you proceed installing Snapchat + ,  you should have Jailbroken Iphone. Dont worry if you dont have . Here is a stepwise guide to Jailbreak your iphone. Click this link.
  2. After you have Jailbroken iphone , Launch Cydia.
  3. Search for the tweak Snapchat +.
  4. Click on Install. Follow the stepwise guide.
  5. Your Tweak Snapchat + , Phantom ALternative will be installed.

You can start using the tweak.

Just open the Snapchat normally you do. You will get more options with it.

I increase my Snapchat score with this trick. You May try this too.

We have provided Phantom alternative . But personally we recommend using Phantom for Snapchat. You can install this if you have issues of application crash with Phantom . Snapchat + is excellent but Phatom is the best.

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