How to Jailbreak iPhone XR

Here are the steps to Jailbreak your Apple iPhone XR. The way we will tell will not void your warranty. This means you will be still in Apple warranty even after doing the Jailbreak hack. When you Jailbreak an iPhone, you get access to install different hacking tools and apps and that will let you enjoy unbelievable features on iPhone.

How to Jailbreak iPhone XR
Jailbreak iPhone XR

Generally, when you Jailbreak, your warranty voids. But there is a way that will let you enjoy the hacked apps. But when you wish to claim the Apple warranty, you can revert back to the original device settings and OS. This means without loosing the data, you will reactivate your warranty. First we will tell you how to do the Jailbreak and then how to revert in order to protect your warranty status.

How to Jailbreak iPhone XR

To Jailbreak iPhone XR, follow the below steps:

  • Open your internet browser on iPhone.
  • Visit this link to download Tweakbox.
  • Install the app with the on screen instructions.
  • Wait for the installation completion.
  • Now Trust the developer certificate in Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings.
  • Restart your iPhone XR.
  • That’s it.

Now you will be able to launch tweakbox from your iPhone and install the different hacking apps. This is partial Jailbreak and we recommend it over other permanent Jailbreaks. The reason is that with this you get access to every feature and also you do not void the Apple Security Guidelines.

In order to regain the Apple Warranty, perform the below steps.

  1. Locate the Tweakbox icon and delete just like any other iOS app.
  2. Wait till the data is removed.
  3. Now go toSettings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings and delete the certificate.
  4. That’s it. You will reactivate the warranty.

In order to check if your iPhone XR is still in warranty, you can enter your serial number and get every detail in this link.

Oye Siri – What if Siri was a Punjabi | Oye Siri

Oye Siri. People are calling Siri with this new Oye Siri Tagline. The slang Oye siri and iPhone is getting popular worldwide. Though it is way to call Hey Siri in Spanish language. Many people ask Siri with the Voice command as some different Siri command. This sounds funny. This is particularly popular in espanol speaking population as the Apple officially use this command. Also, there are majority of Indians who say like this to Siri. My Indian readers are surely going to laugh a loud when they read this article.

Oye Siri
Oye Siri

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Before you go to technical stuff, just a fun element. After that the content for Spanish people. Non Punjabi People can read out the voice commands after 8 PM for fun element.

What if Siri Understood Punjabi

From 8 Am to 8 PM Siri Voice Commands in Punjabi 😀

  • Hey Siri would have been Ha bhi Saaleya. Na jaane kinni gaala paendiya.

  • Call my Girlfriend –> Apni ma nu phone mila 😀

  • Call My Mom -> Maa nu Phone Mila

  • What is the weather outside -> Fu*di deya ki chalda ae baahar.

  • Drive me to Home -> Ghar le chal apne father Saab Nu

  • Play The Songs -> Gaane Baja f*ddi deya

  • Who am I Siri -> Ki naa ae tere pyo da

  • How is the traffic on Road – > Saaleya Kinna kalesh paya ae sadka te

  • Schedule a meeting for tomorrow -> Aapde pyo layi meeting schedule kar

  • Wake me up tomorrow at 6 am -> Apne pyo nu swere cheti na uthayi. Ni teri mai B*nd Faad deni aa

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8 PM Onwards Siri Commands

Peg Bana Apne Pyo da 😀

Oye Siri 1
Oye Siri 1

After the drink, First thing is to Change the setting to Female Voice and then the commands will go in time sequence as follow –

Important to Note – > After 8 PM Every Punjabi speaks only English

  • How smart am i Siri?
  • Are you single Siri?
  • Who is your boyfriend Siri?
  • Wanna have fun?
  • Are you virgin Siri?
  • I like you Siri.
  • I love you siri.
  • Will you marry me siri.
  • I like you a lot Siri.
  • Can i Kiss You siri.
  • Please.
  • Please siri.
  • Meet me siri.

After so many such censored commands, the punjabi goes to sleep. This was just a part without any infomation. Now let us move to the technical stuff. I will be sharing more commands with more fun in future.

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Oye Siri

Oye siri is the official way in spanish to ask iPhone for voice commands Actions. The Search is buggy and ends up with the search engine query of the text.

People shouting at Siri to perform actions normally speak Hey Siri. The interesting thing is That people using Siri in English also speak up Oye Siri. Generally they are Indians or Pakistanis or Bangladeshis. Sometimes, there might be people who know hindi or urdu or who have been friends with Indians.

According the reports of Google, Oye Siri is one of the rising queries all around the world. Here is the list of top Countries which use this sentence –

  1. Spain
  2. India
  3. Chile
  4. Mexico
  5. Argentina
  6. United States

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Surprised. I am sure Indians will be surprised. Actually “Oye” is the word people in India, especially north India use a lot. It is not a way of calling in a respectful manner but it goes like that only. When it comes to calling your iPhone, the non English speakers especially the kids end up using the slang – Oye Siri. And the interesting part is that they expect their iPhone to respond back with that statement.

iPhone X Available colors.

Oye Siri bug in espanol

When you translate this slang from Spanish (espanol) to English, you will see that it means same as Hey Siri. In spanish Oye siri means you are calling Siri officially. But many a times, siri wakes up with the request and simply type this in the query box. This results in the query “Oye Siri” on the search engines, which in return leads to no results.

Has Apple in Been reported about the issue?

Yes, the apple knows about this glitch and is continuously working for the fix. We expect it will be corrected in IOS 12. There are many other iOS 12 expected features which you will be definitely waiting for.

That was all Technical. Now let us move to the funny part.

Oye Siri in India

Like i told you Oye means a way to call somebody in Hindi. The slang is not a respectful way to ask people. It might be offending as well. Now you dare that you call Siri Oye and he understands this. I hope he is not going to text your girlfriend about your second 1. Just kidding. The voice commands for Indians is given in the top.

iOS 12 | iOS 12 Expected Features Details

iOS 12 | iOS 12 Expected Features Details. iOS 12 will be available after some time. Next thing will be iOS 11. But iOS 12 will be launching soon too. Apple is not planning to make users wait for iOS Apple 12.

ios 12 features
Apple os 12 features

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Apple iOS 12

The next update to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 11, is already in development at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The iOS 11 is coming soon. But who cares. We are talking about the iOS 12.

Apple iOS 12 Expected features

  • With iOS 12, Apple could be planning to implement group FaceTime capabilities for the first time, bringing its FaceTime video service in line with Skype and other competing services.
  • iOS 12 will reportedly let users start multi-person calls through a group conversation in iMessage. Up to five people at once will be able to participate in a call.

    ios 12 group calls
    APPLE os 12 group calls
  • Apple is planning major Siri updates in the IOS, introducing contextual learning abilities and deep integration with iMessage and iCloud.
  • According to official sources, iOS will include a “new edition” of the Apple Music app. Assistive touch might be able to control music on your iPhones with the OS version 12.

    ios 12 control music with assistive touch
    os 12 control music with assistive touch
  • There are also rumors suggesting Apple has some iPad-specific updates in the works, and with so little focus on the iPad in iOS 10, iOS 11 could include these rumored additions.
  • Mentioned iOS can bring many design changes too. A much-desired “dark mode” could also be on the horizon as it is a feature that has been rumored for multiple years.
ios 12 design
os 12 design

Release Date

iOS 12 will be previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference, set to take place from December 5 to June 9 2017. iOS 11 will be coming in next 2 months. After that apple will be definitely releasing out the iPhone 8 and users will get to see the sensational iOS.

Will My Device Get iOS 12?

“Will my device get iOS 12” is becoming a common question amongst our friends, family and our readers. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet but it’s fairly easy to predict which devices will get Apple OS 12 and which ones may not.

Apple’s most recent iPhones and iPads are in. If you own an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro, or iPad mini 4, there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll get iOS software updates for a couple more years at least. Apple iPhone 6 might also be included in the list. But the iPhone 5 users should definitely not expect the iOS Apple 12 Updates.

Call Recorder | Cydia Tweak iPhone

Update – July 2017. compatible for iOS 10, ios 9, ios 11, ios 12. Cydia Tweak to record phone calls on iPhone. This will guide you to install call recorder that will record the phone calls you make / receive on your iPhone. You need to have a Jailbroken iPhone for this.

Call Recorder | Cydia Tweak
Call Recorder | Cydia Tweak

If you dont know , How to Jailbreak iPhone. You should follow the link –

We get many requests to Hack the iPhone features. We always suggest the non Jailbroken users to Jailbreak their apple device, and get the maximum out of their mobile apps.

After you Jailbreak your game , the best features you get is to install Cydia Tweaks. Cydia tweaks can provide you many excellent features.

Some of the Popular Cydia Tweaks are –

Call Recorder Cydia Tweak

Below written steps will guide you to install and use Call Recorder Cydia Tweak on IOS devices. You can configure the Cydia Tweak to Automatically start recording the calls. You can also trigger Call Recorder Cydia Tweak with an Activator Gesture. The Call (Whatsapp / Facetime) recorder Cydia Tweak also gives the option to filter out the particular phone numbers for related operations. I mean, you can filter out particular phone numbers which you do not wish to record or VICE VERSA.

Steps to Install Call Recorder Cydia Tweak

  1. Open Cydia on Jailbroken iPhone.
  2. Search for the Cydia Tweak – Call Recorder.
  3. The Call Voice Recorder Cydia Tweak will be under available the repository – .
  4. Click Install and follow the Onscreen instructions.
  5. Respring Springboard after the installation is done.

Thats it .Finally, You will get the Call Recorder Cydia Tweak . Just install and start tracking the commitments made on the telephone. You can also record Facetime / Android calls and other messenger calls for free. Last Post was to Share the CYdia Tweak for Spotify.

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Hack Whatsapp Completely | Cydia Tweak

Hack Whatsapp. Well, there is simple Cydia Tweak to hack Whatsapp completely. This post will guide you to install the Free Cydia tweak which will Hack your Settings of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become a really essential mobile application. To say precisely, it has replaced Text Messaging services to a great extent. The reasons are many. To conclude, here we present you the top benefits of Using Whatsapp.

Hack Whatsapp Completely | Cydia Tweak
Hack Whatsapp Completely | Cydia Tweak
  • WhatsApp is free to use.
  • You can share documents and video messages.
  • There is no subscription fee.
  • You don’t have to register with an email address.
  • Your mobile number works as a WhatsApp account.

The Features list is great, but there are many restrictions Whatsapp has on an iPhone. The main you can point out as-

  • You can not Share more than 10 photos on Whatsapp in a single go.
  • No option to hide your Online Status, when you are using the WhatsApp application.
  • You can Not Freeze your Last seen status on Whatsapp.
  • There is no option to share music/songs on Whatsapp in iPhone.
  • You can not use Siri to send Whatsapp messages.

And many more.

WATUSI FOR WHATSAPP | Cydia Tweak to Hack WhatsApp completely

Watusi is a Jailbreak Cydia tweak to Hack Whatsapp completely. The Tweak will enable so many exciting features for you that you will start loving your phone even more. As you guys must be knowing, Cydia tweaks work only on Jailbroken iPhones. If you do not have a Jailbroken iPhone, you can follow our easy stepwise guide and Jailbreak your Apple device. We are sharing Many tweaks which will allow you to Hack Whatsapp. Main Hacking features can be accessed using Watusi. But the detailed and additional hacking tips, you can achieve by the following links below in the post.

Click here to know, how can you Jailbreak your iPhone.

After you Jailbreak your iPhone, you can proceed to Hack WhatsApp. With Hacked WhatsApp you will get access to these additional features-

Here, by Following the above links you can get ideas of Hacking tweaks for Whatsapp. You can Hack WhatsApp major features by installing Watusi.

Follow the easy steps to Hack Whatsapp Without Jailbreak (Recommended Method)

  • Open your iPhone Browser and get the Tweakbox app.
  • After you install the app, accept the developer’s certificates in settings.
  • Now open the “Tweakbox app” and Search for the “Watusi”.
  • Install the tweak and proceed with on screen instructions.
  • Once the app is installed, restart the phone and go to Whatsapp settings.
  • Now in Whatsapp settings, you will see different Whatsapp hacking features which are not available normally.
  • Enjoy!

There is one more tweak with the name “Whatsapp ++” that will let you hack important Whatsapp features. You should try that too also. It is also available on the tweakbox.

Steps to Hack whatsapp with Jailbreak Cydia Tweak

  • For this you need to have a Jailbroken iPhone. Don’t worry if you do not have. Follow this easy guide to Jailbreak your iPhone. Click here to Jailbreak your iPhone.
  • After you have Jailbroken iPhone. Launch Cydia.
  • Search for the tweak WatUsi.
  • Install the tweak Watusi.
  • Respring your iPhone.

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This is the main Cydia Tweak to hack WhatsApp. Let us know, if you face any issues, while proceeding in the steps to Hack Whatsapp. Till then, Just Jailbreak your iPhone and Hack WhatsApp.