ios 12 features

iOS 12 | iOS 12 Expected Features Details

iOS 12 | iOS 12 Expected Features Details. iOS 12 will be available after some time. Next thing will be iOS 11. But iOS 12 will be launching soon too. Apple is not planning to make users wait for iOS Apple 12.

ios 12 features
Apple os 12 features

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Apple iOS 12

The next update to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 11, is already in development at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The iOS 11 is coming soon. But who cares. We are talking about the iOS 12.

Apple iOS 12 Expected features

  • With iOS 12, Apple could be planning to implement group FaceTime capabilities for the first time, bringing its FaceTime video service in line with Skype and other competing services.
  • iOS 12 will reportedly let users start multi-person calls through a group conversation in iMessage. Up to five people at once will be able to participate in a call.

    ios 12 group calls
    APPLE os 12 group calls
  • Apple is planning major Siri updates in the IOS, introducing contextual learning abilities and deep integration with iMessage and iCloud.
  • According to official sources, iOS will include a “new edition” of the Apple Music app. Assistive touch might be able to control music on your iPhones with the OS version 12.

    ios 12 control music with assistive touch
    os 12 control music with assistive touch
  • There are also rumors suggesting Apple has some iPad-specific updates in the works, and with so little focus on the iPad in iOS 10, iOS 11 could include these rumored additions.
  • Mentioned iOS can bring many design changes too. A much-desired “dark mode” could also be on the horizon as it is a feature that has been rumored for multiple years.
ios 12 design
os 12 design

Release Date

iOS 12 will be previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference, set to take place from December 5 to June 9 2017. iOS 11 will be coming in next 2 months. After that apple will be definitely releasing out the iPhone 8 and users will get to see the sensational iOS.

Will My Device Get iOS 12?

“Will my device get iOS 12” is becoming a common question amongst our friends, family and our readers. Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet but it’s fairly easy to predict which devices will get Apple OS 12 and which ones may not.

Apple’s most recent iPhones and iPads are in. If you own an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro, or iPad mini 4, there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll get iOS software updates for a couple more years at least. Apple iPhone 6 might also be included in the list. But the iPhone 5 users should definitely not expect the iOS Apple 12 Updates.

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