Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone

Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone. You can Configure/ Set/ Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone. To change Equalizer Settings in Spotify iPhone officially you just need to enter the iPhone settings ares. Spotify is the most popular app in the world for streaming music. Go to any corner of the world, you will find spotify users listening and enjoying it. Some prefer to listen Pop, some like the slow music. But, most of them use the same equalizer setting for their experience. It is not fair. With this article i will tell you how to Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone. For Android, you will find another guide on my site. So, let us proceed.

Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone
Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone

How to Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone

I will tell you two different ways to change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone  (Works for iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 all versions)-

  • Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone With Official Spotify Interface

    • Deactivate spotify connect.
    • Now click on the option “Your Library” in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
    • Tap on Settings ().
    • Go to the Playback option and then Tap on Equalizer.
    • Switch Equalizer to on and Tap a preset to activate it.
    • Customize by dragging the dots on the equalizer.
  • Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone With Apple Music Settings

    Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone 1
    Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone 1
    • Go to iPhone’s Settings.
    • From Settings, scroll down and tap the Music settings.
    • Now you have to further Tap on the EQ option under the PLAYBACK option.
    • You will have list of preset equalizers. You can choose as per your requirement or mood.
    • Now you can save the changes and move back to other iphone activities.

Which one is best Equalizer for spotify – iPhone Equalizer or Spotify Equalizer

I personally like the Equalizer option from iPhone settings. The preset options they provide is superb. I mean, you can get options for almost every mood. It is difficult for a user to toggle the settings manually and then save a equalizer. Both give the expected result. You can try whichever option you want. It is all your choice. But the iPhone setting equalizer is the best Equalizer for spotify.

iOS versions  supported

The above steps to Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone is supported on all iOS versions including ios 7, ios 8, ios 9, ios 10, ios 11, ios 12, ios 13 and upcoming all. For Jailbreak iOS versions, we have many other tweaks to enhance your music experience. You can directly download songs on iPhone.

How much you have to pay to Change Equalizer in Spotify iPhone

It is absolutely free of cost. You do not have to pay anything to change equalizer setting in iPhone. It is alll inbuilt and you can enjoy the configuration.

Is it official

Yes. Both str official. One is provided by Apple and other is inbuilt in the official spotify app.

Do i need third party equalizer for SPotify

No, i will not recommend any other option. The inbuilt equalizer is enough to meet your expectation. If you are still confused and you are looking for a third party spotify equalizer i must say, you should try once the above settings.

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I hope you will enjoy the above article. If you still have other option which is better, do share with me. I will love to review it as well. Enjoy till then.

Add Email account | iPhone – IOS 10

Hi friends, are you looking to add Email account on iPhone running with iOS10. Is it the first time you are going to add Email Account in iPhone. I know yes, that’s the reason you are directed by Google to view this page. Normally all Smartphones have the feature of setting up an email account and everybody knows how to do that. But sometimes, users who migrate from Android to iPhone feel bit confusing while setting up their mail account. Before you proceed, if you are a new iPhone user, I should also tell you that you can change the Voice Gender of Siri in your iPhone.

Steps to Add Email account in iPhone

  • Go to Settings from your Home Screen.
  • Scroll down to “Mail” option below.
  • Tap on “Accounts” to proceed further.
  • Click on “Add Account”.
  • You will get an option to Select the Mail exchange Server. For eg, Select Google for Gmail account.
  • Enter your login information and tap next.
  • Now you are done. Your phone will download the email messages on your iPhone now.
Add Email account | iPhone - IOS 10
Email account | iPhone – IOS 10
Add Email account | iPhone - IOS 10 1
Add Email account | iPhone – IOS 10 1
Add Email account | iPhone - IOS 10 2
Email account | iPhone – IOS 10 2
Add Email account | iPhone - IOS 10 3
Add Email account | iPhone – IOS 10 3

Benefits / Features of Adding Email in iPhone

  • When You add Email account in iPhone or you configure any of the email server on your mobile device, you can set the settings to show Push notifications on receiving a new email.
  • You can configure the settings to Sync email just only when you open the email app.
  • With Email App in iPhone you can add reminder to particular conversations.
  • There is no limit of adding the number of accounts.

Majority of the users are using Gmail services. Though the official Gmail application is pretty handy and great to use, but the benefits of adding the Email account in iPhone app is that many of the external third party apps integrates the mail communication with the iPhone app. When you ask to send the email in the application, by default it asks the third party app to send the email.

So friends, I hope now you can add the Email in iPhone. If you face any troubles, you can always drop me an email from my Contact Me Menu.


Hide Whatsapp | iPhone – Stepwise Guide

Hide Whatsapp in iPhone. With this easy Guide, I will let you guys know the best way to hide Whatsapp App icon from iPhone Home Screen. No Doubt, Whatsapp is the best instant messaging application available on your play stores,  Facebook owns the app. Whatsapp has helped people to come closer. But it also limits the users privacy. It happens with my friends that when they are with kids or with their relatives, people ask for the phone. Especially the kids want to play the games on Smartphones. That time you worry if somebody sends an inappropriate message and anyone can read that. You may turn off the notifications for this. But What if they open the Whatsapp and check your messages. This guide will help you Hide Whatsapp in your iPhone device. You Have to Jailbreak your iPhone to follow the trick.

Hide Whatsapp | iPhone - Stepwise Guide
Hide Whatsapp | iPhone – Stepwise Guide

Steps to Hide Whatsapp from iPhone

  1. Launch Cydia>Manage>Sources and then tap on Edit
  2. Click Add and enter this repo:
  3. Search for the Cydia Tweak “Poof“.
  4. Click on install.
  5. Wait till you complete the installation.
  6. Respring springboard.
  7. Now Go to Poof app.
  8. That’s it. Toggle the switch in Poof to Hide Whatsapp in iPhone.
Hide Whatsapp
Hide the Whatsapp

How Does it Work | Hide Whatsapp from iPhone HomeScreen

  • When you launch the app, the app lists out all the applications which are there in your iPhone.
  • The tweak lets you hide Tinder iPhone with a single switch. Click to hide the app.
  • Whenever you wish to open the app , or nobody is around , you can simply go to poof and unhide the app icon.
  • So , enjoy your privacy and hide application Whatsapp in iPhone. You can Hide the app Whatsapp easily now and start bluffing with it.

Whatsapp privacy is now under your control. So friends, just don’t worry to Give your phone to anybody else just because of privacy concerns. Hide Whatsapp and Enjoy.

Tinder Cydia tweak | Free purchase tinder plus (Tinder ++)

Tinder Cydia Tweak , Tinder ++ is an alternative of Tinder Plus available for free. Tinder ++ is a newly created Cydia Tweak for all Jailbreak lovers. As you guys are well aware , tinder is  a popular dating platform for the youth. You find new people for relationship / Friendship on Tinder. Tinder has gained popularity and the youth is damn crazy about it. Tinder is available for free. But there are limitations of the application. The Tinder Application limitations are removed by a Paid version. Tinder Cydia tweak will solve your purpose and will save you money.

Tinder Cydia tweak
Tinder Cydia tweak

The limitations of Free version of Tinder | Why to get Tinder Cydia Tweak-

  • Limited Swiping: You are restricted to the number of swipes you make in a day. If you have crossed the limits of the swipes, you can not make it again till 12 hrs.
  • No access to Change Location (Passport Features): You can not change your location while using the tinder app. You need to get Tinder Plus to use passport feature.
  • Rewind Feature: Tinder Plus also allows individuals to go back and re-swipe someone whom they accidentally didn’t mean to not like. No more accidentally left swiping a stunner. This is not available on Tinder Free version.

Name of the Tinder Cydia Tweak

Tinder ++ is the Cydia tweak for Tinder.

Cost of Tinder ++

Tinder ++ a.k.a Cydia tweak for tinder is absolutely free to install. You can download the Tinder ++ IPA from techcheater.

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Follow these steps to get Tinder Cydia tweak for free.

Tinder ++ for iPhone without Jailbreak

  • First of all install Tweakbox.
  • After you get the app, Trust the developer certificate in Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings .
  • Open the app and search for Tinder ++.
  • Install the app with on screen instructions and that’s it.

For iPhone with the Jailbreak

  • Download Tinder ++ using this link.
  • Now download Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone with your PC, open the cydia impactor and then drag and drop the Tinder ++ IPA file on the Cydia impactor tool.
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password in the new pop up.
  • Follow the on screen instructions until the app is completely installed.
  • Now go to settings -> General – > Device management and Trust Tinder ++.
  • That’s it.

The Cydia Impactor gives you specifically install the patches of app hacks which is again a very great feature. You will surely love using it.

Features of Tinder Cydia Tweak|Tinder ++

It gives you the great benefits which are provided by Paid version of Tinder app . The interesting part is , Cydia tweak is available for free. Here are the interesting features of Tinder++/Cydia tweak for tinder.

  1. Use the Tinder Passport Feature- You can change the current location and chat to anywhere in any part of the world.
  2. Unlimited swiping- There is no limit of the swipes you make in a Day. Just keep swiping till the members are exhausted.
  3. Rewind feature- Many a times it happens that you swipe somebody you did not want to. You just need to confirm their profile again. This rewind feature will be available with Tinder Cydia tweak | Tinder ++.

So , what are you waiting for . Get the Tinder Cydia tweak and start dating with freedom.

Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center Iphone

Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center Iphone : If Notification popups/Push notification alerts invading your privacy, you should get rid and modify the Notification alerts. If you feel uncomfortable when any personal message is sent to you when you are not around your phone. Even though your Iphone is locked , still you get a notification popup and message description in Notification center area. This is many a times embarrassing . I am sure , sometime your soulmate asked to have a night out . And somebody else read that message. Just because of Notification Center alerts.

This trick will provide you a Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center in your iphone. You can select what your phone will show in notification center. What is to be shown if a message is received. The trick is flexible enough to configure it Application wise.

Meaning particular apps can be selected to show a customized display in Notification center. For eg , i have configured Whatsapp message as Official information. Check the below screenshot.

Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center Iphone
Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center Iphone

This is all possible with Cydia Tweak – “Notification Privacy”.

Stepwise Guide to get Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center :

Before you proceed , you should have a Jailbroken iphone. After your phone is Jailbroken you can proceed. The same tweak works on Ipad / IPOD Touch and other Jailbroken Apple devices.

Follow the easy guide to Jailbreak your iphone.

Notification Privacy is customizable in the most user friendly way. You can configure for Notification center and Push notifications as well.

Follow these steps to Customize Notification Center : Get Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center

  • Open Cydia on your Iphone.
  • Search for the Jailbreak tweak Notification Privacy.
  • Click on Install and follow onscreen instructions.
  • Respring Springboard after installation is complete.
  • Go to Settings and Change Notification Privacy Settings as per your choice.

That’s it. This is how you Get Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center .

Get Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center 1
Get Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center 1

You might also be interested to know that you can Transfer Songs in iphone without itunes. Just click this link and follow this easy guide.

Features of Cydia Tweak to Customize Notification Center:

  • Your privacy your control. Gives you access to rename notification popups.
  • Possibility to change push notifications.
  • App wise Notification customization.
  • Filter out selected apps to display notification of your choice.
  • Fool your friends with a random name of your choice in the notification center.

This is really popularly used with Online Notify. How can you get push notification , when somebody comes online / offline in Whatsapp. Click this link to read.