Share songs via bluetooth iphone

Share songs via bluetooth iphone

iPhone users always try to find a ay to solve their file sharing problem. This guide will assist you to transfer and share the songs using Bluetooth of your iPhone. Officially, the process is not feasible, but we have a hidden unexplored way, which you can use to send each other songs using BT band of […]

How To Share songs On Whatsapp In iPhone

share songs on whatsapp in iphone

Share songs on Whatsapp in iPhone. Share music or videos on WhatsApp in iPhone. Apple users been dominated by other mobile users like samsung and all as they got an advantage of sending music from their library via whatsapp. This is a very annoying drawback of Apple’s whatsapp as Apple have its own security issue with its operating system. […]

I knew you want to download songs on iPhone

download songs on iphone

Download Songs on iPhone. Download any media content directly to your iPhone using the iPhone / iPad browser itself. We always get our readers posting the way to download songs on iPhone. They always keep on commenting , is there any way to download songs on IOS / iPhone? Can we download videos on iPhone […]