Share songs via bluetooth iphone
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Share songs via bluetooth iphone

iPhone users always try to find a ay to solve their file sharing problem. This guide will assist you to transfer and share the songs using Bluetooth of your iPhone. Officially, the process is not feasible, but we have a hidden unexplored way, which you can use to send each other songs using BT band of devices.

Apple does not allow the feature to share songs over Bluetooth in IOS devices. This has become an important reason for consumers going for Android devices in similar price range.

This tweak might arisen the interest in Android users who just use Android for File Sharing.

We have shared before a Cydia tweak to download songs on iphone.Click this link for details.

Stepwise Guide to transfer Songs via Bluetooth Iphone to each other :

Iphone can be paired up via Bluetooth , and can be used to share songs or files using this trick. You just have to get an Jailbroken iphone.

Share songs via bluetooth iphone
Share songs via bluetooth iphone

With Jailbroken Iphones , many exciting features get activated. You should definitely try.

Apple Jailbreaking developers will amaze you with their skills.

Steps to share and send songs via bluetooth on iPhone :

  • First you need to have a jailbroken iphone. If you do not have , click this link to Jailbreak your iphone.
  • Launch Cydia on your Iphone.
  • Go to Manage->Sources->Edit->Add and type “” and click add source.
  • Search for the tweak AirBlue Sharing.
  • Click on install.
  • Respring springboard after installation.
  • You will get an option in your music library to transfer a copy of songs via bluetooth.

You are done with the installation. This is how your tweak search result will look like in Cydia.

Share songs via bluetooth iphone 1
Share songs via bluetooth iphone 1

Very Important Alternate on iPhone to share the songs that will work without Jailbreak

If you do not wish to Jailbreak your Apple device, alternatively you can install the Shareit app on your mobile. The app is available cross platform, meaning available for all smartphones on their respective play stores.

This way you can send or receive any file via the app. It is absolutely free way to work.

When you use this, you will get the advantage of faster data transfer.

Features of AirBlue Sharing

  • Allows you share songs via Bluetooth iphone.
  • You can share PDFs . images , videos and other kind of media.
  • Fast data sharing speed.
  • Free to use.
  • Makes your iPhone more handy to use.

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So What are you waiting for. Install and Share via Bluetooth on iPhone.

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