increase ram

Trick To Increase RAM In Windows Computer

Getting trouble with your hang computer, no need to worry now, because techcheater brings a latest trick to Increase RAM of your windows computer. Trick to increase RAM in windows computer.

increase ram
increase ram

Before going through the trick, we need to understand what is RAM. RAM (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY) is basically a virtual memory of your computer which automatically saves the actual RAM’s memory of your computer. Now this virtual memory can be increased through Window’s setting for advanced performance of  your computer. By increasing this virtual memory, your computer will perform much better.

Now let’s discuss not only increasing your virtual memory but also Ram of your computer.


  • From the Windows start-menu search for Control Panel.
  • Open Control Panel and select System and Security options.
  • In System and Security options select System.
  • You will be now opened a new windows which shows computer properties. Now from the left side panel click on Advanced system settings.
  • You will now opened System Properties settings window. Navigate into the Advanced tab and click on             Performance Settings.
  • Here you can adjust your computer’s performance such as visual effects, processor scheduling, memory            usage and virtual memory. We have to click on Change under Virtual memory.
  • Windows has already created a Virtual memory for my computer which is in about 1 GB size. I need more          virtual memory so I am going to change it. So select Custom size and give the Initial and Maximum               values. ClickSet and then click OK.
  • You can set page file as you need, but I recommend you to set Initial size at minimum of 1 GB and Maximum size lower than 8 GB for better effects.
  • By clicking OK in above step you will be showed an alert box. You may need to reboot your computer to take    the advantage of the newly created page file. ClickOK and reboot your computer.

Check the computer performance after rebooting. The performance will be surely bettered. The changes will take more effect when you play high quality video games.

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