Uber Records Your Screen Secretly on iPhone

Caught Legally – Uber Records Your Screen Secretly on iPhone

Uber Records Your Screen Secretly on iPhone. Worlds leading Cab provider is secretly playing a false game and is secretly recording your Phone activity on mobile. The Apple store has the Uber app version which records and saves the screen activity.

Uber Records Your Screen Secretly on iPhone
Uber Records Your Screen Secretly on iPhone

Uber Falls under Legal Limitations – Uber Records Your Screen Secretly

The Security Analysts have analyzed and reported that the Uber can record every action you perform on your mobile device, even when running in Background. The major concern is Apple officially allows Uber to get this Access. The Security Analyst Mr Strafach is worried that how the Apple can give such a serious access. Moreover he says, it is a big question indeed how Uber could have approached Apple for the same.

Google 1998 Mode.

There must have been money exchange or some benefits. Many rumours are spreading. But The Final Decision of the court verdict will confirm about the reality.

Disadvantages if Company like Uber Records Your Screen Secretly

  • Uber Can Read your important stuff including your Credit Card numbers and passwords.
  • With this security breach, Uber can also view your Photographs and videos. If you have some personal stuff, it is not at all safe.
  • For bigger brands and Celebrities, leaking out the sensitive information or personal stuff could be a strategic task.
  • Uber can get to know the user activity on Other competitor apps and can plan for the business strategy accordingly.

What You should Do Immediately

Though the Uber App update for this concern will be sooner available, but i recommend you to immediately remove the Uber app from your device. The concern when Uber Records your Screen Secretly is reaching the mass and everybody is boycotting this most ridiculous step by the giant company.

It is needless to say that such scenarios break the trust and the companies like them should focus on maintaining the brand value rather than just sticking to business.

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