Block Caller ID on iPhone

How to Block my Caller ID on iPhone | Block Caller ID on iPhone

Block caller ID on iPhone. The iPhone allows you to disable / block your caller id through your iPhone device. This means that the other person, whom you will be calling, will not be able to see your phone number. The process is simple and you can do it in few seconds. The important thing to note here is that this service might not be available to every country. The phone regularity authorities of all the countries have their standards and it is not universal everywhere. You need to check that if your government does not restrict you from using these settings.

Block Caller ID on iPhone
Block Caller ID on iPhone

If the service is available in your country, you can control the settings of your Apple iPhone. Many countries give priority to the privacy of end user, while some feel it unsafe because of possible unwanted criminal activities. Anyways,  i will not say much about this, rather will quickly move to the steps for you.

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How to Block Caller ID on iPhone

  • First of All, open settings on your iPhone device.
  • Scroll down and click on the phone option.
  • Now select the option “Show my Caller ID”.
  • Turn Off the switch on newly opened screen.
  • That’s it. Your Caller ID is successfully blocked for other users now.

When you disable the caller ID for others, it might happen that you call somebody for the confirmation. If you see that your number is still shown to the second user, it means that this feature is not supported in your country.

But if this feature is available in your country, this is very useful for the business professionals. But it might get annoying and might cause the phone ignorance to any important call as well. You have to be wise enough to understand your needs and then only use the service. This is not a hack, so it will not give a good impression about your technical information. So, think the need and then proceed to block the caller ID on iPhone.

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