block someone on lync

Block Someone on Lync | How to Block Someone on Lync

How to block Someone on Lync. Block someone on Lync. You can block any person from your office contacts and restrict him to contact you via Microsoft Lync (Skype now – Microsoft Outlook messenger for offices). Some office colleagues might be annoying to you and they always spy you over the professional messengers. You can easily block someone on lync and this will restrict them to view your profile. The only way they will be able to contact you is via the emails, which i feel is a necessity.

block someone on lync
block someone on lync

Block Someone on Lync

For those who are getting confused with lync and skype, i should clear that the the newest version of lync is being called as skype. The different versions of Lync including Lync 2007, Lync 2009, Lync 2010, Lync 2011, Lync 2013, Lync 2017, Lync 2018, Lync 2019, Lync 2020 gives you the possibility to block contacts. Now let us quickly move to the steps.

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Steps to Block someone on Lync Messenger

  1. Open your Lync and sign in with your user credentials.
  2. Now go to the Contacts tab and type the name of the person you wish to block.
  3. Right click on the filtered person’s name (The same person you wish to block).
  4. Click the block option.
  5. That’s it.


Will other person get to know when i block him on Microsoft Lync?

No, there is no notification sent to the contact. So, it means when you block someone, there is no trigger to the person to know the details. But he can get to know this with a small trick, your status will appear to be offline without the time stamp.

How to know if someone has blocked me on Lync?

If someone has blocked you on Microsoft Lync messenger, you will not be able to see the status of the person. You will only see “Offline” without any information of since how long. So, if you see a person offline since a particular time, it means he / she is actually not available on lync. But when you see the offline status without any “Since How long” information, it means you are blocked on his user account.

Will I get emails from the person whom i block on the Lync messenger?

Yes, you will be able to receive the emails from the person who is in your block list of Lync.

Can i hide Lync Status from other people?

You can change the lync status in the messenger options for everyone.But if you want to change the lync status for specific people, you can block them.

Signing Off

This is one of the top trending searches of the people sitting on office computers / laptops. This interprets that the professional ethics of people are degrading day by day.

Start with this approach. If it works, its fine. But if the person is still bothering you, it is better to contact your company HR for this.

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